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roYAL íWfíf WlHe POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thlspowdernever varíes. A marvel of purlty, strt'iiKth and wbolesnineness. More economlcal than the ordlnary kluds.and cannut be sold In oompetitlon wlth the multitnde if luw H'st, sliciri wrlirlii, alamor phosphate powclers. Sold only Ín cans. Koyal Ilaklnir Powder "o . 1O Wall st.. N. Y. SCRATCHED28YEARS A Ncaly, Itching, Skiu Disease, wlth Endlesg Suffcriug Cu red liy Cutlcnra Remedios. If i had known of theConruRA IIemuiih Iwenty-elght years ago lt w.iuld üave saved me $200.00 (iwo hundred dollar?) and an imiii ¦!!-¦ nniount ol sufTering. My diseaac (Psoriasis) commenced on my head in a spot not larger thau a cent It spread rapidly all over mv body and gm under my nails. The cales wonld drop off mu all the timo, and my sufferlcg wts eufilrr, and wlthont relief. One thousana dolhrs would nol tempt me to have this disease over again. I am a poor m iu, butl feel rlch to be rolicvea of what some oí the doctors sald was leprosy, sume ring wurm, psoriasis, etc. i took . . . and . . . S.irsuparlliasover one year and a half, but no curo. I went to twn or three doctore and no cure. I cunnot prafse tlu; Cuticüra Kemediks too ninch. They have mide my skin as clear and free froin acales as a baby's. All I used of them was three boxea of Cutici'ka, and thrt'L' bottUs of (Ttktka Iík-oi.vknt, and two cakes of Cuticuka Soap. If y u had been here and sald you wonld have cnred me for $2uU 00 yon would have had the money. I hnkt d like the picture In yuur book rf Psoriasis (picture number two, Hov to Cure Skin DiseaBes"), bnt now I am as clear as any person ever wns. Throu;,''i lorce o! habtt I rub my hands over my aims and kg to scratch once In ¦ wuile, but to do purpose. 1 am all well. I scratched twenty-cigat years, and It gt to be a kind of secund nature tornt. I thank you a thousand times. Anythlnií m re that yn want to know wrlie me, or any one wiio reads thls ni iv write tu me and 1 wil) atitwr ii. DKNNIS UOWN1NO. WiTKKBUur, Vt., Jan. 20tn, 1887. Psoriasis, IMMU, Tctter, Ringworm, Llcben, Prurltus, Scald Hend, Milk CriHt, DnndrulT, Uurbre' Bakers1 Grorers' and Washerwoman's Itcb and every species of itching. Hurning, Scaly, l'miply Mum. of the Skin aud Scalp aml Blond, wlth Loss of Hair are poslüvely cured by t'rr.cura. the erett Skin ('are, and Cuticüra Soap, an exquIsleSkin Bejutiflerexterualiy.ana CUTicVKi Kk'-oi.vent, the new Bluod Purifler imermtlly. when physicians and all olher remedies rail. Sold everywhere. Prlce: Cüticüba, 50 c; Si. at, 25 c; Resolvknt, 1. Prepared by the Pottkii Drug fc Chemical Oo., ltoton, Miiss. y"8end for "How to Oure Skin Dljeases," 01 pages, 60 lllustrations, aod 1U0 tecUmoaUl. DIMPLES, black-heada, chaped and otljr skin I I Ifl preveuted by Cuticuka M kimc atkd Soap. Catarrhal Dangers. To be freed from the dangers or snffocation while lylng down ; to breathe freely, sleep souudly and nndisturbed ; to risc refreshed, head clear, braln active and free from pain or ache ; to know that no polHonous, putrid matter denles the brcath and rots away the delicate machinury of smell taste and hearing ; to feel that the syetem does not thruugh lts veins and arteries, suck tip the polsoa that Is sure to undermlne and destroy, is indeed a blesslng beyond all other buuian enjoyments. To purchase Immnnity from such a fate should be the object of all aftlicted. But ihose who have trled many remedies and phyaiclans despair of relief or cure. Sanfokd's Radical Cure mcets every pbase of Catarrh, from a simple head cold to the most loatlteome and destructive stages. It is local and comtltutional. Instant in relievin?, permanent In curlug, safe, economical and never faillng. SAsnroRD'e Radical Cure conslsts of one bottle of tbe Radical Cube, one box of Catarrhal Hoi. vest, and one Improved Iniiai.kk, all wrapped In one par-kage wlth trajit e and directlons, and sold by 11 drnggUts for (1.0U. Potter Drdo and Cuesical Co., Boston. NoRheumatizAboutMe i om; MINUTE Tbe Cutlcura Antl-Paln mff l'lalr, relieves Ubeumatic, S.-iujt tic, Sudden .Sharp and Nervoiis Paine. P4 X strains and Weuknesses. The flrst f JLP ,nd only pniii-killini; piaster. New, ( ir orlMinKl, IBttWItUanOS, inrillibli', safe. A marvelluns Antidote to Pain, Inflammatlun and Weakness. I'tti-rly iinllke and vastly superior to all otb-r piasters. At all drugíMst?. as cents; 5 for $100; ir, postage free, of Pottkk Duuo and Cbkmical Co., Boston, Mass. AT FREQUENT DATES EACH MONTH Irnprraamaal from chicago, nWU I peoría o; MC IHilSTLOïiis0- I UrlJ'cHOICEOF '""'"''I f X" routes; via PiuirnRfPDE:NVER' uALIrUnilcouNciL bluffs, OMAHA, STJOSEPH, ATCHISDN or KAN SAS CITY. For dates, rates, tickets or f urthor Information apply to Ticket Agents of connecting Unes, % or address Pau L M orton , Gon. Pass. 4Tkt. A(jt.,Chlcago, III. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main St., Aun Arbor. The oldest agency in the city. Entabllnhed over a quarter of a century ago. Ilepreseutlng the followlug flrxt-ulRKS couipaniuB, wlth over 60,000,000 Capital and Aafictt. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. QIRARD INS. CO., of Phlladelphla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON aud GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE, of Boston. Rates Kou as the Lovrest, Loases Llberally Adjiistnl and prompt ly l'aid. C. H. MILLEN.


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