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A Seasonable Parody

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Mee the postman wlth th billa Kew Year' btlls- Wluta world oftrlbulatlon Now thelr sendlng out fuift!!! How they rankle, rankle, rankle. In ilii' startled dreams of nlght, Ae tlu crtulitorg' procegAlon, Of the rhamberi took poHseeslon, Wil h a brutallzed dellgnt; Calllug "Time!" "Time !" "Time! " In a ort of prlre-rlng rhyme, To the dark and deep demnition That no Kradually klll├╝. Krom the bllls, bilis, lillls, bllls. bllls. Fruin the milor' and the huilers' llttle billa- Bills! H!1!b! Bills! 8ee the big bl'ls for my wlfe- Tallor made In stylex now rtfu. If the present faahion grows We can wear eacti other'a clo's, Dropping frlllN and inr-hi-lnwH, Dropping fur-belowa and frllU And roduclng talloi1 billa- 1)1119 1 Bills I Bllls! Sec the fearful groccry bllls - BatlDg bilis ! Wliat exceedlng coat to pcople Is the food i hm stomachs filia. I 'oriol s' bilis For thelr pilla- i'otioiiH, sqnills Ardsubdulngall whlch kllls. llow we dread to draw the money Wtien recovered fiom uur Hls! Pliimbers' bllls Kor stopping rllls In ttie pipes btiueath theslllg. When we teil thi-in for thelr pay l'o luke the houso and all uwuv. Bul tliey auswer 'twould not meet Their lltlle" bllls- Thelr extortlonate and bank-suspendlug bllls Blllx! Bllls ! Bllls I


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