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The Isle Of Content

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There's a land In a latitud near to us all Where each dweller muy follow ni bent ; I Is andel no muuaroh's tyrannlcal ilmill, A mi !¦ k iiDwn as tlie lale of Couteut. Il'sa won'erful spot : Ifyou ask. lt w! II brlDg Tu you qulckly wliate'er you deaire; What lt eau nut produce- (it'u a ningolar thing)- Tlial'sjust what you never requlre. By thebalmlestzephyraof Hnppinesa fanned, lt ih nelther too cold nor too fiot, nd the liissl.-s aud indB uever caro Ín thls land Whether school Is fssli m or not. n Contíht, tho' hut poor, yet you feeL, ne'er thelebH, You are equal Ín wealth to a klne. :i teur in the trouHers or uarn Id the dress You couslder a capital thlng. Ifyou haven't the money to purchase a raeal (I have been In that straight once or twlce), Take a reef in jour vest and you '11 Instiiutly foei (If you live in Content) "very nlce.'' When I notice a lad wlth a brlght sunny smlle That extends for three lnchoi, or more, Thou I iim.1i;i' nn si 11 lnwurdly, thiuklDg, the whlle, "He's encamped on pontent' happy shore. Ihftvedwelton thlsbeautlful lsland at times, Whlle lndilluK sniall verxeft foryou. And I often have wandereU lf, readlng my rhymes, Yiiii were there as n resident, too


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