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8LA.V OR SAXON- A Study of the Growth nuil TuiiĆ¼enclos of Husshiii Civlllzatlon. By Win. D. Poulke, A.M. New York: Q. P I'utuara's Song. Forsalein Anu Arbor by Andrews 6 Co. PrlceJI.OO. This No. XXIU of the " Questlons of lic Day" serie?, and is undoubtedly as iitercsting a volume as lias been given lie public In this very series. 'he writer thinks tliat the strujrsrle for upremacy will be between the Russiau nd the English nation, the oatcome deHMiding upon " how fust the lorces of dlsntegration at work in the liritish Empire 50 on, and how far thev extend; and pon the political and social changes in Uissla, which may withdraw the inutives or ita agxresslons." The danger Is not mmediate, the writer thinks, but none he less serious, on that account, the vriter has made a very interestlng llttle olume, atul ireats the question in a senible and " uuderstandable " iu:Miiicr.


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