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In accordancc wlth tbc proviaions of the Constitution adopted by the Uepublicau League of the United States, at lts Conventlon, held in Kew York, Dec. löth, 1S87, a cali ia hereby issued to the Iiepublican Clubs of Michigan, to invet in Convention at Detroit, FEBKDARY 22d, AT 11 A. M. The objects of thls Convention are to forra a República League for the State uf Michigan; to supervise and to encourage the formation of permanent clubs in every county; and to give a unitj' of action for effective work in order that sound Republican principies may be established and maintained. Each club shall be entitled to as many delegates as it shall elect, but shall have only one vote. Wliere clubs are already cxisting, they are requested to rneet and elect delegates; while in those places not liaving a club organizatlon Republicana are urged to form one at once and send ropresentatives. Elegibility to membership in the League consists in the Republloan Club having a constitution ind a mcmbership of twenty. The annual banquet of the Michigan Club occurring in the evening will cali many distinguisbed RepuMicans to the city, and it is expected they will address tliê ('onvention. Every Kepubücan is innst earntstly requested to see to it that liis county is represented. JUNIUS E. BEAL. Meinber Executlve Cominittee for Mlchlfüiu.NiitiuiiuI llague.;knci: A. Black, Vlce-Presldent for Micblgan of the National League. Mr. Diclvinson as postmaster general, :uul Mr. Yilas as Secretary of the Interior, liave been confirmed by the senate. Would the people of th9 uation fifteen ycars ago liave listened for a moment to the proposition to put a rebel upon the supremo bencli ? The Star of Bethlehem which shines so brightly, will not pilot our president through the coming campaign. There is no star in Bethlehem for him. England would glve more for the markets of the United States than for all of India or Australia, and the democratie party is doing its level best to give them to her. There is a wild rumor about the streets that a burgular or robber bas been arrested by the Detroit pólice! The report lacks confirmation and is not generally credited hcre. We uuderstand Mr. Cremer's best hold was t hut be had been a scbooliuate of Cleveland's. That Is a good grip. Grover will be lucky lf he has sclioolmates enough. to reelect lilm. vy.iio.nti pntlnel He won't need thein. HU civil service reform record is all that's nccessary to take him through. An Adrián man has been sent to jail for using abusive language toward anotherman. Mighty particular in their conversation over there, someway ? In order to enjoy life over in that town a fellow will have to learn Volapuk. Indiana, not being satislled with having the last three democratie candidates for vice-president, pops upagain as fresh as a daisy, with Gov. Gray for the same position. Indiana deinocrats don't want thewhole earth, but they do want all the vice-presidents this country can aflord. There were more miles of railroad constructed in the United States last year than any previous year in the nation's history, viz. 12,724. The nearest approach to these ligures was in 18S2 when 11,568 miles were constructcd. Tlien there was u rest of three years. Have we come to another rest? is an important question. Is there an Irishman in the United States who can conscientiously favor the the free trade policy of old England? A'policy tbat his impoverislied the beaotlfol green isle of the sea, crushed the commerce of her factories, reduced her population over 4,000,000 in 40 years and driven her people to seek homes in every other nation under the sun? The Detroit Evening News offers :!0ü in prizes for several articles classitied as Ilumorous, Sentimental and General, $50 to lst, $25 to 2d, $15 to 3d and $10 to 4 tli, in each class. It was oar intention at first thought to compete for the prizes in all three classes, but on reflection we have no grudge against the Xews. The contestauts are confined to newspaper men. It is quite evident that Don M. Dickinson will have the inanhood to remember his friends after he gets into power in Washington. There are many men who turn about and kick down the ladders by whieh they have cllmbed up. But Mr. Dickinson evidently proposes to proflt by the fallurcs of other?, and besides he Is too much of a man to have his head turned by success. Gen. Bragg, of Wisconsin, bas been appointed minister to Mexico. So far it has been an impossible thlng to find a democrat for that post who has been able to withstand the temptatioDS of the laxadous Mexkans. Gen. Bragg must stiffen his back-bone and look not upon pulque when t givcth its color in the cup. In fact, Gen. Bragg better tie on the blue ribbon before he goes down there. The Spanish government lias invited the representatives of the United States and the Spaniah-American republics to cooperate In a Christopher Columbus celebration, and the proposal bas been heartily adopted. All the governments of Europe and America, and all the geographlcal and other learned societies of the world have been invited to send delegates to the celebration. The festivities will continue one week and the ceremonies will include the un veiling of a monument to Columbus at Huelva.


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