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A. DeFOREST. Fire Insurance Píate GHass Insurance. Steam Boiler INSURANCE! Lowest Bates, Honorable Adjustments and Losses Promptly Paid. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS SPSCIAX attention givknto Collf.ction Of KkNTS AND M A A( KM KNT OK llKAI. K.STATK INTKKKSTS KOli NoN-RKSI DK.NT8. ENnU SATlStACTIOM ÏO OWTKEKS UUAKANTEKD A. DeFOBKST. r$57(XX REWARD -M Wtll be freely elven fot a a better remedy lor HeadÊk Bfe ache. Nervousness, Sleepte ESSfe. lessness&c.thaiiDr. Milei' TH Restormtlve Nerrlne, i '"'KHfc' Brain and Nerve food. Coiitainsuo Opium or Mor. phine. Sold by Druggists. Sample Bottles Free FOK Jams, Confections and Preserves Manufacture! by the Aan Arbor Preserving Co.t so lo 1"BROWN 5c CADY, Mi Solé Agents for Ann Albor, or lo tlie factory Pittsfield road, South. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Security held for the protection of the policy holden. CHRISTIAN MACK Kei rusente the followlng flren-claps companies, of whlch one, the .SItna, ha alone paid 5,000,000 Ore loases Ín slxty-flve years : tna, oL Hartford $ 9,102,644 Franklin or Philadelpliia 3,1 18,713 Germania, N. Y 2,700,729 Germán American, N. Y 4,065,968 London Assurance, Londou. . . 1,416,788 Michijran F. & M., Detroit. . . 287,608 N. Y. Underwriters, N. Y 2,596,679 National, Hartford 1,774,505 Phoenix, Brooklyn 3,759,036 Losses liberally adjusted and promptly paid. Policies issued at the lowcet rates of premium. llUltf amTrMímall"fruit nursery. All kiiuls of Berry Planta. Fruit nuil Ornamental Hits frora ELLWANGER & BARRY, Rochester, N. Y. Orders should be sent at ouce. WIKES & SYETJPS. Sweet and Sour Itorae-raaile Wine for Invallds, Uonesett Hchruh, Raspberry Syrups, Urled Pears, Raspberry wlue. PLYMOUTH Id K NW, j E. BAUR, WEST HURÓN STREET. " - ¦ - AND ClasgoW via Londonderry, S Liverpool via Queenstown. Are Ntrlctly Flrt-C)n, arol unnc the larget, fastest und tlni'st In the worhi. wiinnn. aeoond ola and staerura Piü-icrtliiiiiiinhHliiiliiiiii I nHXo]iel. l-:vur reanl Cor ttae oomfort and ooovenlanofl ol pusBeners etudiuutily coiibidüred und pracUcer' Steamers every Saturday for Glnagow. Hty of Bom salín for Liverpool Octobor 12. Ia the largest and ihi t pauenKer steemer afloat. Raten oí passage for all elasaes a low as by auy other flrst-clasí line. Saloon exnureion ticket at reduwd rates. Draftí tor any amouní at lowest carrent ratt'8. For book of tours, tickets, ordirther inf rmation, apnly to iiiMii:i(so iti(oriii.iti. ín. caico, or C. "W. MELLOB, ANN ARBOR, - NUCH. p EPORT OF THE CÜND1TION - OF THK- MICHIGAN FURN1TURE Cfl.. OF ANN AHBOR, MICHIGAN, oisr j-j-ixtjj-jeiiz: x, ísssJ au Kequlred by Lau. RESOUItCES. Merchandise, Lumber, flnlshed and unüuished wurk ou haud as per inventor}' fu. 148 93 Real Estáte 12,000 OU Machlnery and Tools._ 3,50(1 0U Book Accounts 14,011 il Ciusli on liaud 4.2IJ :iii 5li.!l0--' B0 lUBium. Capital stock $40,000 00 Surplus Kund 11, Dividend, No. 9 3 20U 00 Bills payable 2.103 27 ?5B.9U2 60 Wedo hereby swmr that t.he above is a correct statement of the condltlou of tliis company. Wm. D. IIakiuman, L. Gki'nkk, ('has. K. HlSOOOK, Dlrectors. Babaoribad and iworo to belbra me this TUi 1 day of Jai nial y, ],S}j8. A. W. Hamii.i. , Notary Public. At the last regular meeting of the Dt reo ton of thlseompany mi animal dividend of eight per cent, was declared, puynble to Btoekbolders of record, mi utul uíter Monday,.lanuary 9. 1888, at the ofllce of the Anu Arbor Savlngs Hiink. CHARLES E, lliscoCK, Sicretary.


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