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Red growa The no-se When the bllzziird blows. Tlie lcicles hang On tbe maidou's bung. " Days grow lonser, sunbeams stronger," etc. Percelvest thou ? A miuor of Jas. McNalIy, of this place, has been granted a pension. The Good Templara are to give a social next week Friday at Cropsey's hall. The record is still maintained. Another man plead guilty Monday morning. You can't always tell by what " they say," for " they " are very indefinite usually. The Argus starts out on volume 54. Pretty old, but like well-preserved wlne - pretty good. The T. & A. A. K. R. shows $1,499 more money earned last month than the month previous. John Miller, Sunday drunk, was sent to the county jail Monday, by Justice Pond, for 20 days. A Congregational training school may be nmong the good things to come to Ann Arbor in the future. On Jan. 24th and 25th the half yearly missionary meeting of the Diocese of Michigan, occurs at Ilobart Hal!. The Dexter G. A. R. Post are to give an entertainment, followed by a dance, at the Dexter rink, next Friday evening. The largest attendance and largest collection at the M. E. Sunday School last Sunday of any day this year. Over 300 present. In the Circuit Court last Monday, Wm. F. Bubs took a decree for f 1,995, against John G. Horning, et al, sale to take place Oct. 6th, '88. There are 1,913 names on the petition to the county clerk asking for the submission of the local option amendment, In this county. Judge Kinne sentenced his first prisoner Monday morning, and there are many words of praise for his admirable action upon the occasion. W. J. Permar, is in the city looking after the interests of the Union Mutual Life Ins. Co., of Cincinnati, one of the old line companies. The heavy wind of last Friday blew over the glass show case in front of lier & Co. 's etore and smtished several dollars worth of glass. County Clerk llowlett has not yet called the special election, to vote on the local option question, but wül probably raake the cali for Feb. 27th. Some people think that " To Rent' may be a familiar card on our stores durns a few years to come. It is to be hoped that they tliink wrong. In the circuit court yesterday Lizzie M. King was granted a divorce from James N. King, by Judge Kinne, through her solicitar P. McKernan. A friend of ours wants the question asked : "Does any person ever return a borrowed book ?" Never haviag borrowed one we can't teil. Mr. Evans, who took for his wife Miss Jessie Henriques, well known to Ann Arbor society people, died on the 26th uit. at their home in Colorado. Coastíng has not been so popular in inany 8ensons as it is tlus winter. All the hills are lined with merry coasters, to say nothing of the toboggmi slide. Dr. C. L. Ford has been elected dean of the medical faculty, in place of the late Dr. Palmer. Dr. Ford is in the senior professor in the depamuent. John Howard, Assistant Itoad Master of the M. C. R. R , who lives n Ypsilanti had bis leg broken Tuesday inorning, while werking on the ice train ner this city. Another fire alarm Monday evening caused by the taking lire of some wood put la the oven to dry, at Walter Toop's bakery, on State street. The flamea were extlnguisheil before an}' damnge was done. On Saturduy, Jan. 21st, J. T. Jacobs & Company will sell overcoats for $14 that have heretofore been sold from $18 to $28. Only one chance for a bargaln like this come to a man. Geo. W. Cropsey fell while going from hig house to the barn last Saturday morning, and broke four ribs. Mr. Cropsey is about 64 years old, and thla will be a serlous set back to hlm. A circus ís on its way liere for nezt summer's season, that will take 2,000 feet of rallway cara to transport it, so said . But the audience is transponed in a inucu less space, probably. It U asserted by local sports at Chelsea that there is an uuusual amount of game In and about the woods and lakes (especially Cavanaugh) of that vicinity, and that the gamesters are In clover. A proces; ion of some 2ö or 30 rlgo proceeded down to Ypsilanti yesterday, taking the horsemen down there by surprise by their niiigniiiccnce. In the afternoon some frlendly trots were engaged in. Chas. Perrin was sentenced to Ionia tor two years by Judge Klnne Monday, on a charge of burgUry - stealing cigars from a store in Ypsilanti. He will be about 23 years of age when be gets out. Nathanicl Stanger has foresworn allegiance to Emperor Dom Pedro, of Brazil, and has taken out hls last papers, and is now a full fledged citizen of the United Statei. He will be foimd with Wines & Worden. John J. Robison changed bis mind and didn't go in partnership with Prosecutor Norria after all, but has joined forces with John R. Miner, and they will open an oftlce over Mrs. DeVaney's store, on Huron street. Rev. Dr. Ryder expects to go to Andover, Mass., In the course of a few weeks, to look over the professorship Undered him in the Tbeological Seminary of that place. There will be no Immediate decisión. Editor Osband, of the Ypsilanlian, Is engaged n the very laudable business of enllghtening some of the people of tiie county on the very intricate subject of the tariff; a subject be bas studled up until he is a perfect master of it. A tire alarm system ; a system of sew ers; a line of street cars, (electrlc or otherwise), an electric railroad to Ypsilanti, and perhaps to Detroit, with hourly trains; and a more liberal public spirit ihat will not seek to crush legitímate booms, is what Ann Arbor needs to make It really and truly happy. The Unlty Club took a sleigh ride ou to Cliaucy Orcutt's, in Ann Arbor town last Friday nlght, aml had a splendid time. It is asscrtcd tliat within a few week flve different clubs have been formeel il thls city, souie with a membersbip of 'o or 80. What does it mean ? Tlie annual report of the Mickigui Furniture Co. shows that about 60 work men have been employed during the year and $20,000 puid out in wages. Wouh tliat we had more such. The thermometer got low spirited lasi Sunday and Monday, going down as low some say, as 10, while others put the marks at 8, 6" and 4" Monday mornini Too low for comfort, anyway. All Sunday Schools In Washtenaw Co. are requested to send dolegates to the County Sunday School Convention whlcli meets in the Congregational church, Ypsilanti, Jan. 31, and Feb. 1. The alarm of fi re last Thnrsduy nooii was caused by the igniting of some clothea placed too near a coal stove in Prof. de Pont's house, on E. Jefferson st. The fire was extinguished easily. There are some people in this city who are willfiilly inisrepresenting the Courier because it can not be made their catspaw. The day of " getting even " surely comes if waited for, and it will be. Miss Grace Minnis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Minnis, of Jackson, íorruerly of this city, is to be married tomorrow evening, at tlie residence of the bride's parents, to Chas. M. Moffett, of Jackson, at present a niember of the law class. A dispatch just received as we go to ;ress announces that B. F. Watts was elected grand High Priest of the grand chapter of Royal Arch Masons at Grand Rápida, to-day. Which is a grand feather n B. F's grand lodge c.ip. Here's our list, Ben. The wife of the late Ex-Sheriff Philip Winegar died last Thursday, of cáncer of he breast, at the age of 55 years. Mrs. Winegar had been a resident of the county since 1834, coming first to Northield township, where she resided several ears. She was highly respected by neighbors and friends. Mrs. Theodore Royer a few days ago received the sad message that a son who for some time had been in poor health had passed away. She, together with the other members of the family, have the sympathy of their friends In this community. Mr. Hoyer has been absent for some time, being with relatives in Ohio. The Tappan Association announces two discourses to be given in the Presbyterian church, on Simd.iy, Jan. 29, by Rev. James F. Dickie, of Detroit. It the morning the subject will be "The Power of Prayer," in the evening, " Savanarola, the Prophet-Preacher of Florence." Miss Lizzie Rice, a sister of Mrs. Jas. M. Stafford, died Monday, Jun. 15th. at her home in Akron, Ohio, of consumption, aged 33 years. Mr. Stafford's store will be clO8ed tomorrow, on that account. Miss Hice was an estimable lady, and became known to many Ann Arbor people while visiting her sister, Mrs_ Stafford. The property inventoried in the nssignment of Henry Osborne, foots up $11,181.57 and the liabilities figure up at f9,964 99. According to these figures this failure is not quite so bad as it might be, and under the good imiuavement of the assignee, Mr. Robison, it will probably come out all right, nnd pay 100 cents on the dollar. The lecture of Prof. Rogers, at the M. E. church last Sunday evening, on "The Jews " was of great interest, the audience manifesting much satisfaction at the word pictures paintcd by the lecturer. Next Sunday evening the professor takes up "Mohammedanism,'1 to be followed the cucceeding Sunday evening by a ecture upon " Christianity." A convention of Sunday School workers of Washtenaw county will be held In the First Congregational church of Ypsilanti, on Wednesday, Feb. lst, 1888. Three eesslons on Wednesday, with a preliminary meeting Tuesday evening, January 3lst. All welcome. Prof. W. S. Perry, of Ann Arbor is president of the association, and E. R. E. Cowell, of Ypsilanti, secretary. The Michigan Furniture Co. met last niglit and re-elected the old board of director, as follows : Moses Seabolt, W. D. Harriman, L. Gruner, Eugene E. Beal, Chas. E. Hiscock, A. W. Hamiltün, and Paul Bnauble. The board met afterwards and organized by choofing V. D. Harriman, president, L. Gruner, vice president, and Chas. E. Hiscock, secretary and treasurer. All is not joy, and peace and harmony and brotherly affection in the democratie camp at Ypsilanti. The appointment of Mr. Cremer seems to have created consternation in the hearts of the faithful. i one considered liim a strong candidate, but he appeared to know how to play the winning card. Wel], he will not have to hold the office very long, anyway, so the boys who oppoaed him can have sweet revenge, in a few monlhs. J. T. Jaonlia lias temlered to the G. A. R. post of this city the use of tb e hall and ante room in the 3rd Hoor of his block on Main st., for a term of live years, gratis. It is a generous deed of a free heiirted man. The hall is a neat one that has been used by a college society for the last 13 years. It contains two ante rooms, and on the 2d floor has water closet and lavatory fucilities that raakes it a very desirable hall. The Q. A. R. post is in great luck. Under a nw law, act No. 296, page 409 of the Public Acts of 1887. the township clerks are obllged to furnish an election seal for every voting precinct in his township, and in the city the assessor shall do the same, to be used for election purposes, and to l'urnlsh strips of leather or canvas with which to seal the ballot box. One of the inspectora of election to keep the box, another the seal, until any contest that niay arise shall be settled, when the law provides for their being kept by the clerk. Some of our centempororles are publishing lists of eligióle old bachelors for the benetlt of their lady readers this leap year. The old bachelors in Ann Arbor are bashful and reüring gentlemen and very senslbly seriously object to the showing up of their good points. So if our leap year maidens are not bright and active enough to secure partners without having thera pointed out, thcy will have to snil along in single blesseducss. One of the Flint papers threatens to publish a list of old maids of that city. That newspaper man better take the advice of an older head and let that list alone. If he doesn't he will wlsh he had.