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ine uramatic Club have changed beir date to Saturday, Feb. 4th, on ccount of conflicting entertainment. " Evangeline, my lost Evangeline wil] e found at the Grand Opera House, on Wednesday evening, Jan. 25tli. Saturday evening, Pebruary 4th, the exentric drama, The Mystic Bell of llonuerolles by the University Dramatic Club. Remember the Chamber Concert at lobart Hall Saturday evening, t will be f a pleasing character, and if yon are a over of music you will enjoy it. Oh! will take $2.50 to lie;ir lessrs. B oth & Barre. Just about $1 n hour if alone, "and $2 an hour If with our sister. The price of the average veek'8 work for the masses. We can't Jarrett. Fans, please. And now comes ilanager Sawyer and says that no prices ave been fixed, nor can be fixed untll ie authorized agent comes to town. This nocks our pun out of its Bootli. Rice's beautiful " Evanguline," will apear at the Orand Opera House, Ann Albor, Jan. 25th. Of Evangeline we eed say llttle, it is so well known. It s brim full of funujisnis, sparkling with nusical genis, and with a laugh to cvery quare inch of the play. It was in this reat extravaganza that Nat Goodwin, ilillie Eoudwin, Harry Dixie, Venie Clancy, and others, now shining lights, rst attracted public attentlon. The Toledo .Bee of Sept. 17, said of Jce's Evangeline: "The inltial presentation of Evangeline at Wüeeler's opera ïouse last evening was welcomed by a arge and thoroughly representative auience. The very best class of tlieatreoers were to be seen, and if prolonged pplause and repeated encores of every peclalty presented, were any criterlon of pproval, then Toledo has unmistakubly ndorsed the praisesbestowed everywhere n this most Hinque and musical of comdiea." The thirJ Chamber Concert will be ven in Hobart Hall Saturday evening, an. 27, by Miss Graoe H Hbs, of Chicago, oprano, assisted by Miss Julia Carutuers, ianisC Miss Hiltz is on e of Ann Ar)or's favorite singers, and all will be glad o hear her for an evening i n songs of ler own selectlou. About 10Ü extra ckets will be oflered for sale to those who present course tickets at Moore's ook store on State street or at Wahr'a on Main street, after one o'clock Wedncsd ay ). m„ or at the door. Course tickets for he reiuaiuing flve concerts, 1.7ö, single dmlssion 50 cents. COCKER LEAGUE l'KOORAM. The following is the program wfeicb ïas been prepared for the evening of Monday, Jan. 23d, by the Cocker League o be given in the lecture room of the M. C. church: Waltzes Bralims. Mr. Edward Hllble. . J Mrgarethe Rledel. I Frülillngsnacnt Schuinami. Mr. Dr. A. H. Sylvester. 8. Souatlne Relnecke. Mr. Edward Bllble. 4. Fliege Vogel, Fllege Falke...Heldlng8feld. Mrs. Ur. A. II. Sylrester. 5. Queen LouUe of Prussla (the raother of il' Emperor of Qermany ) Mi-h. Ellen Huulr CarliurL As will be noticed this is entirely German in its make up. Mrs. Dr. A. H. Sylvester, who is to render two numbers, Is the dauguter of Dr. Alexander Winchell, and was known to Ann Arbor society some years since as Miss Jdnnio Winchell. She is now a resident of Ber'in, but is epending some months with lier parunts. Mrs. Carhart wlio will read the paper upon the Etnpress Louise, spent several months in Germany, and whlle there gathered the facts which she has here woven together in an entertainIng tnonner. On Thursday, Friday and SaturJay evenings of next week, Dr. Ejrgleston of Staten Islnnd, X. J., is to give illustrated leciurcs opon Danto, in Hobart Hall. Reserved seats at Brown's. The reven uc, if any, will be applied to the library fund of the Guild. If you would like to know wliat tJicy thlnk about Rice's Evanjjeliue In Columbus, Ohio, read this f rom the State Journal of Sept. 23d: "The bcautiful and entertainint; Evangeline hasngain pcored a sucoess in this city. A more intcrestinj burlcsque could not be conceived, and the "Metropolitan opera house" has never disraissed an audieuce that more tlioroughly enjoyed a performance. No play has ever been prodiiced here costumed more elaborately or with bettèt taste." Ilice's Beautlful Evangeline G'o.,appears at the Grand Opera House, Ann Arbor, on Jan. 25th. Of Evangeline, little may be said. The cast is better tlian ever btl'oie. Miss Aüce Butler who takes the part of Evangeliue in the popular extruvaganza, was formerly a niember of D'Oyley Carte company, Snvoy tlieatre, Loddón, Eng., and has taken part In many of the original productions of Gilbert & Sullivan's operas, in that city. Miss Butler has a line suprano voice, and is an actress of ability. Evangeliue will only be 6een here once this seasoti, the engagement being lliuited to tlie performance ou Jan. 29th. AU those fond of pretty music, bright stage pictures, and witty dialogue should see the famous burlefque. Last October the University Dramatic Club entered 011 its third year of existence and comes nguin before lts friends in a play, not classical, not irraturalistir, but if not romantic, at least full of romance; the plot is the ever recurrlng one. A young man falls in love with a yóung lady and wants tomarry lier. But llila very comnion place want is not always satislied, in real lift-; there are many obstacles to overeóme; as difference of fortune, of rank; the presence of a rival, the dislike of parents, uot meatio:iing the dislike of the beloved object; And many are disappoiuted, unless some favorable cliauce, comes to their aid. In tliH present drama, '"The Mystic Bell of ltoiHiuerolles," that help is popular superstition ; there is atradition in the country that on the lirst night that a new heir takes possesslou of the castte, liis satanic majesty in the garb or guise of heailstt'ward pays hiin a vibit; und some péople even assume they have seen the mysterious bell that summons blm. Our yoiiiig hero takes ad vantage of a peculiar meeting of circumstances to win the love of his idol, and the consent of the mother. The play is lively and amusing; the plot nterestiDg and the situation quite dramatic without beiug sensattonal.


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