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un i ii JANUARY PROGRAM. Yoiir Company is reqiiested tliis weck to examine the goods that are redueed Ín pricc to dispose of qulck. Inqalre right and left for the prlcesWe do not proposc to Undcrsell every body, bul wc mean to give yon greater bargains tliis nioutli than ever beforc. The pcoplc in Iliis City and all the surrouuding villagcs Iiavc fouml out long1 siucc that tliis store Is never rader sold. We glve a small space to-day to souie of tbe dress materials at reduced prlces. Cumel's Huir in Colors, 75c; reduced froni 11.00. Wide Wale Dlagoiul's, 50c; reduced from G.")c. (ilbert's Camel's Hair Stripe, 75c reduced from $1.00. (Jolored Drap d'almas, 85c; reduced from $1.00. Colored Soliel Cords, $1.00; reduced from $1.07. Check mixed faney suitings, 83c; reduced from S1.00. tínglish Checks, all colora, 85c; reduced from $1.00. Arnlieiui Suitings, 50c; reduced from 86a Saxony Sultings", 43j; reduced from 90o. Heavy Clotli l'lnhls la biight colora, $1.00; reduced bom $1.25. All of the remnants of DRES3 GOODó that luive accumulated durlng the past bugy season, consistinjf of all kiuds and qualities, will be closed out during this sale. Velveteens in all color?, 75c; reduced from$1.00 The succes8 of the sale of Coats and Wraps begun last week, has been without a precedent in our business. Our Cloak Department has been full most of the time, and the sales large. We shall continue the sale until the last garment is sold. We quiote a few prlces whicli only embrace a small portion of the genuine bargains. At $4.00, Ladies tailor-iuade Jackets; reduced from $0.00. At $5.00, Ladies Astrachan Jacket; reduced from $7.50 and $8.00. At $10.00, Ladies FHeze Wrap, trimmed willi fnr; reduced from $18.00. At $10.000, UdlesCloth Wrap. trimmed with lutrachan; reduced from $15.00 and $18.00. At $12 50, (only a few left) Mohair Seal Wrap, bal! trimniiii; reduced from $18.00. At $12.50, Ladies Astrachan Saek, 42 inches long; reduncd from $20.00. At $10.00, Imponed Ueaver Cloth Newmarkets, in black and brown with astrachan trimming; reduced from $15.00 and $18.00 OnecsseHanelllesQullU, $1.25; worth $2.00. One bale New IIanips':irp, two-ftrap Elor8i BlftilkeU, 75c; clieap at $1.00. One bale While Plaid Horse Blaukets, $1.00; eheapatfl 50. One bale of the boss Ilorse Ulankets, $1.40; obeap at $1.75. Oue case of Gents' Scarlet Underwear, 84c; reduced from $1.00. liemember we are selling Gentlenieu's Scarlet Undtr at this low prlce - not ladies'. BACH & ABEL.


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