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R.U R E_ CREAM gAKlKg lts superior excellence proven In millionsof horaes lor morethan n quurter of aoenlury. It lsusedby UieUnlteil States lioveriinn'tit. Endorsed ty the lioails of theUreiuUniverslties as the Strongest, Purest.and most Healthful. Dr. Prlce'stheonly Buking l'owder Huil does not enntain Anlliiouia, Lime or Aluin. Sokl only In cans. PKICE BAKIXO rnWDER CO., NEW YORK. CBICAOO. ST. I.OUI8. The Greatcst BlooJ PimfioJ KNOWN. f I I TI1I3 Gorman Medicináis thc#, III lllrlipnpcxtnmibest. 12Slsi'snf SV.-M+ I llPIIClt I!ITTKlibJforl.(K),losath:in# Jj II ll one cent a dose. It wlll cure üiew III mn worst cases of skin dihcaso, tromM en Ma oonunon pimplo on.tho incvW it jjj Itlto that awful dUcase Rcrofula. ar IIISÜLPHUB BITTKH8 Is thejT llbcst inciluinc tO DM in iUW " Ilienses of Bticb Btubborn .'inl#your Kil 111 ¦I doep scatcil diseasi's. lX)#m.VS;m.out Uuot ever take #fnnlir i'-rlil BLUE PILLS f,!,'.,1.'''"1!;0 ormcrciiry,tliey nre ilM'l#. ,, ' f-V L ' IH 111 ly. Place rourtnut ln!' lM1 T' , i II II the purert and best#yu'1180 medicino ever made . ƒ g,]., BïtterS I IJ til witliaycl]i)vstirky#Don't walt nntil yon til ITf sulistatKH'? lsyourare nnal iluto walk, orltl brcath foul and#arc flat on your back, offenivc? Yoiir#bt K"t sonic at once, il I II mhii.'ii'Ii 13 out#nill cure vou. títiliihur l III of order. UsoirBlttcrs is raSVrrncKsThe Inralid's Friend.g aálmineill.iUilyiVThcyoniijr.tlicnilniKl t"t-L2 ll Isycuir l'rterlngare noon made wel) ly UI ine tl)ick,tg usu. llinu'inlu'r wliat you Hl roiiy, clijread here, it niay save ym lnay, orJnife, It has savcd IinikIivIu. I ü- ffVun't wait UDtil to-mornw, f I Try a Bottle To-day ! E3 1 M Are you lowsplrited and weak,] L?or KuffcVinir frum the pxoeuea f ¦ II I 2#viiilh :' U 10, 8ÜLPH0B JlIÏTIOKsl II 'Whíü cure you. Send 3 2-ccnt Btnmpa t A. P. Onlway ('"¦ liostou,Ma&d., ior best nicilicalwork publishcU? AU DrugiilU. 25c red only bj Dr. Beth Amold, liled. Corp., Woonwckct, B. I. ARBUCKLES' name on a paokage of COFFEE is a guarantee of excellenceARIOSA COFFEE is kept in all flrst-class stores from the Atlantic to the Pacific. COFFEE is never good ¦when exposed to the air. Always buy thls brand in hermetically sealed ONE POUND PACKAGES. M's Pi FOR TORPID LIVER. A torpld ltvcr Urunos the nbolc sys(cm, and produces Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheumatism. Sallow Skin and Piles. There Is no bettcr remedy fortheic c-ominou listas, s than 'l'iill'i Mver riU, au a trial n 111 prove, l'ricc, tSe. Sold Everywhere. Thisis the Top of the Gknuine PearlTop Lamp Chimney. All otliers, similar are imitation. gJrThis exact Label yS M?V isoneachl'earl ík BTopflünincy. rij RtH SrjA dealer niay say OS Sp& others as good, WP BUT HE HAS NOT. Insist uponthe Exact Label and Top. Fos Sale Eyerywhebe. Made okly by BEO. A. MACBETH &,C0„ Pitisburgh, Pa. tuic pipgDaystKf1. I niV iHltll ItOWELI, & COS Kewspaper AdvertUing Bureau (10 Spruce Street) .whcro ad ¦¦¦iii Ifflffil tisillKcontra.-tiimuy MKW VI IKK be luaUo lor it liillblf I Ulll. I PA IN "O " Paiiit 1-nd.iy. run it to Church Sunday Eight r,= 3 t I-.ishmiuible Shades: liUck. Maroon. Verimlion ,re9 Blue. Ydiow, Olive I.ake, Iircwster and Wagi n l mi {ÉS i'.rccns. No V.irniihtng nccess-iry. llrie hnrd t .S Hltk "fcblue." ÜM Coat and job is done. r. ift 2 YOUR BUCCY ffi . Tip top for Chnirs, L.iwn Spats, Sih, Flnwcr Sj M 7i PoEi, Carriajfe, Curtain Poles, Furniture, ¦L C UJ Front Obors, Storc-fronts, Screen Ioors. lloats, a g Mamles, Imn 1 ence, In ¦.( everythlnj. Jst =o "- the tlung fcr the laüics to ue about tlic house -L . fe FOR ONE DOLLAR M SCOITSHONEST 05 Are you ffofafe lo P.iint this ycarï If so. don't 5 Ja „ tiuy a paTnt contalniM w.iter or when 28 - for the S.U1IC moncy(or nearly so) you can proturc u"3 (OM A u I'S l't ICK I'AINT U wrrnt-il to " " 3 - bCBIt HOM S I, (.KM l K T I W U.H1, I'AINT 'S3 3 and free from water and benzine. Ilrmiaail lhl C j, J __ lirjimi and Uke no olliir. M' r. li.inis hiinilliii); CJ it are our atrents and autliorized by ui. In riiii], H - = to irranC il to wrnr & VKAIÍS wfth 3 tOATN or i fl " J 3 YKAKS wlih 2 ( (HTS. Our Shades are the gg "¦ Late&t Stylts nscd in the Hast ti"w bccointn -"" UJ so popular m the Wet, nnd tip wjili the times Z $ gf Try this brand of HOXUT l'AINT and you will f J W nevcr rcyrtt it. This to the wise ib suiin.ifiit j,u o HOUSE PAINT pi ÍCOIT'SFLOORPAINTSJií Palnt that never drit-d beyond the stïcky pobit. ZS aw wabte a weck. ppafl the job, and then sweari Nest tinir - .11 fOI COlf k OS H-MIK I'VIM' ZÜZ ¦Z 4 popuUraiul suitat'le sh.nics, xrrunl-l lu Én Lm m bard ¦ Kick iw uiplu. .i, trtaiblc No ' ;l3aW0ÜTDRYSTICKYg


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