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Wi.LS were introduceci In the scnato on the lOth to equalize tho allowances for extra expenses at l'resldential post-ofneos, and to establish a National Unlversity in tbe District o( Columbia for the education of teachers. Tho blll to refund to the soveral Statos and Territorles the direct tax of August, 1861, was dcbated. Senator KdmuiuK trom the Judlciary Committee, made an ndversa report on the nomination of L. Q. C. I.umar to be Associalo Justlce of tbc Supreme Court, and Senator i'ufili. In benalf of tho minority of the same committee, submitled a favorable report. The nomlnations of William F. Vilus to be Secretary of the Interior and Don M. Dicklnson to be Postmaster-Gencral wero reported f avorably In the House Dills were introduced to dispose of the surplus mo&ey in the Trcasury and to prevent the uccumulationtheroof; to authorlze the rcfiinding of the National debt into a uniform Consolidated bond; to discontinue the colnage of the three-cent plecc; to mercase the pension of those who have lost ejes or limbs or who are deaf ; toprohlbit the use of stoves or oll lamps on railway passenger trains; to extend the free-dolivery lystem to monthly perlodicals, and to punlsh any offleer of a National bank who rccelvea a deposit when the bank is insolvent. In the Senate on the nili a bilí was Introduced to provide for a minimum invalid pension of eight dollars a month. Mr. H:ile spoko on the civil service and Mr. Coke spoke ín opposition to the Blair Educatlonal bill. The nominations of several Consuls and of Henry Leffman to bc coiner of the mint at Philadelphia were recclved f rom the President... In the House the Littlo Deflciency bill was passed, and the Committee on Military Affatrs reported favorablv upon the Boutelle resolutlon calling upon the Secretary of Wur for a report upon the proposed return of rebel rtags. IULT.S were introduced ín the Senate on tho 12th authorizinR the sale of timberon the lands of the Menomoneo Indians in Wlsconsin, and providing thal the legislativo power of the Territory of Utah shall be vcsted in the Governor and a legislativo ussenibly to be appointed by the President und conftrmcd by the Senate. The nomination of General Edward S. It.;i:':.'. of Wisionsin, to be Minister to Mexico, wns received from tho President. A resolutlon dlrectlng the Judiciary Committee to Investígate the alleged suppresslon of tho negro vote in the recent municipal election in Jackson, Miss., was adopted In the House a blll was passed to punish robbory, burglary and larceny in Indlan 'IVrritory, and a bill was reported relating to permissiible marlts, printtng or writing upon second, third and fourlh-class matter. IN the Sennte on the 18th the time was ehlofly occupied in discussing the lïlair Educational bill and the reolution to abolish internal revenue tuxalion. A motion to go into executlve session wüs defeatcd. Adjourned to the 16th. In the House the blll rclating to permlsslble marks, writing or printing on second, third and fourth class mail-matter was passed. A bill was reported making aopropriatlons to carry Into effect the provi-sions of the act to establlsh experimental agricultural stations. Adjourned to the 16th. DOMESTIC. John CumnKMAK, a farmer of Delphi, ImL, conunltted suicide on the 9th by jumping from the top of liis house. He had killed a horse-thicf the year before, andthls act preyed on bis miad. Eight business buildings at Monroe, Ia., were destroyed by iire on the lOth, causing a heavy loss to many occupanta. Eight armed men stopped aMexlcan Central passenger train on the lüth, three hundred miles Bouth of El Paso, Tex., and robbed the express car. A BitOKEN switch-rod wrecked the Portland express train ncar H iverhill, Mass., on the lOtta, two cars telescoping, and a lalling water-tank ciuxhinj the roof of another. Niue persons were killed instantly and more than rif iy were wounded, some futally. Tillman C. Jushck, who waa hanged November 11) last at üaincsvillc, Ga., wan on the 10. h said to be aliva and wall in hls inountuin home. It was s.atsd that life was not extinct when he wis cut down, and that he was quickly resuBcitaieJ. The Keut C'ounty court-house at Las Aulmas, CoL, wts destroyed by lire on the lOth and all the records were burned. Mus. ütis Fulleb, of Milford. Ind, was accldentally shot and killed on the loth by her husband, who was cleHnlng hls revolver. Thb Wisconsln Supreine Court on the lOth aftinned the sentence of the MUwaukee court condeinuins Paul Grottkau, the Anarchist, to imprisonment for one year for riotous talk. A building at the east end of Madison Btreet bridge, Chicago, occupied by severa! business flrms, waa destroyed by ore on the lOth, causing a loss of $200,000. Thb Julián Hotel at Goshen, Ind., was j-. - ,.- j v,. a „ n,„ „),t of the lOth. Guests to the nuuiber of thirty or forty escaped in their night-clothes, and It was feared several others purished In the flamea The almsbouse and an odjoining dwelllng located in East Village, Conn., were burned to the ground on the lOth, and thrce persons perished in the Üaines. Miss Campbell was on the lOth awarded $ 15,000 damages by the jury in her breachof-promlse sult agalnst Charles Arbuckle, of New York, the mülionaire coffee merchant Lew Owens, a capltalist, ot Chattanooga, Tenn. , was f atally shot on the lOth by J. 1). Barnes in a dispute over a business matter. It was stated on the lOth that nearly all the steel-rall milis of the country were closed, owing to the struggle with railway managers, who had refused to purchase until the price wus ruduced to thirty dollars per ton. Prof. Vauohn, of Michigan, In experlmenting, developed on the llth a case oí typhoid fever in a cat In a railway accident on the llth near Coolidge, N. M., eleven persons wera injured, three fatally. In portions of Minnesota the thermometer ranged from 28 to 48 degrees below zero on the 1 lth, 40 to 52 below in Dakota, and 32 to 44 below in Wisconsin. In a quarrel among negroes on the llth at Home Park, Misa, two men and a woman were fatally shot The law prohlbitlng Sunday base-ball playing in Tennessee was declared constltutlonal by the Supreme Court on the llth, The great strike of the Readlng Railway Company's coal minera still continued on the llth, with no signs of a compromlsa No coal was being mined. The barns of the Merlden (Conn. ) HorseBailroad Company were burned on the llth, and eighty horses perished In the flamea. It was stated on the llth that a syndlcate of Scotchmen had by a system of fraudulent pre-emptiona eecured sixty-four thouBand acres of valuable redwood-timber land at Eureka CaL In the case of BeT. Thomas P. Ryan, the Methodist minister who was murdered in Boane County, W. Ta, last October, and for which crime three men were lynched, two detectives reported on the llth that the lynchers were the actual mnrderers ol the minister; that they wero members of an oath-bonnd society of assassins, and that they had committed many outrages In that región. A man named Albergatle qmrreled with his wife at Lis home in Beauford County, S. C. , on tho 1 lth, and, bocomin:? incensad, hurled her into a largo in-, burnlng her fatally. The Vermont Merino Rheep-Breeding AsBoclatiou, In Ression ou tho 1 lth at Mlddlobury, ndopted resolutions denouncing President Clcveland's message as and Insulting. Frank and Miss Zunniger whlle crosaing the railroad track on the 1 1 th near Youngwood, Pa., were Htruck by an express train and fatally iniured, The üre-department building at Lowell, Maas , was burned on the 1 lth. Loss, $100,000. The scamer V.ola, thirty-three days out from Elba for Pbiladelpbla, was reported lost on the 1 ltb wlth her crew of thlrtyeight men. Afire on the 1-th at Dauphin, Pa., destroyed the car works, a ohurch and several dwellingR. The resldence of United Htutc Senator Ingalls at Atchison, Kan., was btirned on the luth. Lom, 915,000 In the war of ex enu natioa between the McCoys, oï Pike Oouuty, Ky., and the Hatfteldn, of Log. n C'ounty, W. Va,, three of the Hatflelds had been killed on the 12tb. The anthoritics were to stop the deadly feud. At Anniston, Ala., in a quarrel on the 12th W. R WillianiR. proprietor of the Parker House, and P. H. Evans shot each other dead. I)i:uiM the progresa of the animal exhlbition of the Ühio Poultry, Pigeon, Kennel and Pet-Stook Association in the Fourteenth Regiment armory at Columbus on the 12th the building look iire and over three hundred valuable dogs of different breeds were burned. Many chickens and pigeons were also cremateii. Thb Gloucester .Misa.) 1 Bhing schooners William Parsoiis and Peter D. Sralth, eaoh carrylng crews of twelve inen, were on the 12th glven up as lost Five wldows nd nineteen childron are loft. Three persons (lied on the l'Jth at Selma, Ala., nnd two children were at the point of death, in consoquence ot' having eaten polsoned hog meat Two rOMn wounded in the recent rallway accident near Haverhill, Mass., died on the 12tb, making twelve vlotlms. Tw other sufterers were not expected to recover. In MinncRota and Dakota the railroad9 were having great trouble on the 12th with extreme cold weather and deep snowdrlfts. The Trades Fderation, in pesslon on the 12th at Peoría, 111., declared strikes and boycotts a failure as u mcans of redressing workin-men's grievunces, and sald that the ballot was the ouly sure remedy. The worst snow-Htorm of the Reason In the Northwest prevailed ou the 1 'Jtli, blockading railwaya anti highwaya Si ni;i' earthquake shock were feit on the 12th at Charleston, Sum:nervüleand Columbia, S. C. , and in the laUer place buildings were Reverely Rhaken. Rumpf Brok.' cotton mili at Philadelphia was burned on the 12th. Loss. $100,000. Over-pressurk of natural gas caused a Cre at Youngslown, O., on the 13th, which destroyed a block of frame buainuss houses. Wilijam G. Bakkr, tweuiy-one years oíd, only Eon of Isaac G. Kaker. president of the Continental Bunk ot 8t Loira, shot liinielf dead on the Kitb. Nocuusewas known for the deed. Durino the seven days ended on the 13th there were 'M'2 business fallures In the TJnited States, against 2.t the previous seven days. Henrt Schmidt, the second man to die at the hands of the hangman in Iowa in the last twenty years, was hanged at West Union on the llt.h for tbe murder of Lucretla Peek. The Martin and Schuier blocks at Sloux City, Ia, were destroyed by flre on the 13th. Loss. 100', 000. ' The liuiited expresa struck Mrs. Mary Finu and Djnis Casey at l.iin.i, 0., on the 13th, killing both. Several casual ties wcre reponed on the HJih irom Umaba of pjople being lost In the recent storm and peritihing iu the cold. In Dakota several peraou also lost their lives from tbu colü. The j uy n thee se of ex-Senator Thomas C. Platl found on the 13ih that he was not a residunt of New York City, anti lic wit accordingly ousted from hls posltlon of quarnntlne coinmissioner By the ald of the big tel 'scope in the Lick observatory at San Francisco a new star was discovered on tha lüth In the oonstellation ot Orion. The swindler who eold tickets to the extent of ifcoO.OOO in Mexico a year ago for a Patti season of concerté was caught in New York on the l:!,li. His name is Charles Bourton. Durino 1H87 the Lake Superior iron minrs produced 4.667,652 tons of ore, and the total sbipments for tbe year show on increasa of 1,090,205 tons over 188G. Several wholesale business housea at Indiantpol.s, Ind., were deslroyed by fira on the 13th, caucinff nlusso f $1,000,000 Am attempt to wreek an express train on the Urand Trunk road was discovered on the 13th near Valparaíso, Iud., before any damage wis done. The Bnow-fall on the 12th was so heavy at Superior, Wis., that some of the inhabltants had to tunnel out of their dwellings. Thirteen buKiness pl.nces, includlng a bank and newspaper oftlce, at Paw Paw, Mich., were destroyed by flre on the 13th. On the KUh two Btock trains arrived at 8t Josepb, Mo., with every animal frozen to death. Henrt Buney (eolored) was taken from the Jail in Laurens County, Ky., on the 13th and lynchïd. He was accused of robbery. Louisa Evans, six yeara old, was tried at FlemingBburg, Ky., on the 13th on a charge of lunacy and ordered to the insane asylum. The case is without a parallel on account of her nge. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Governor West iu his message on the lOth to the Utah Legislatura takes strong g round sgalnst polygamy. At a caucus of Republlcans of the Iowa Legislatnre on the 10 tb at Oes Molnea United States Senator Wiison was nominated by aoclamalion to succeed hlmself. Govebnor Larrabee, of Iowa, In Lts message to the Leglslature on the lOth saysthe good effects of the Prohlbitory law are notlceable all over the State, and he urges strictenforcement of the law. The oldest printer In Pennsylvanla and a veteran of the war of 1812, James McDermott, died at Washington, In that State, on the lOth, aged ntnety-three years. Elihu E. Jackson was Inaugurated Governor of Mary land on the 11 tb. A THOUSAND or more of the Democratie pollticians of Indiana met at Indlanapolis on the 1 1 tb to confer upou future work. Hesolutions were adopted indorslng the National and State administratlons and Mr Cleveland' recent message, and favoring hls renomination for the Presidency and Governor Gray for Vice-Presldent A. F. Warburton, the first court stenographer ever appointed in thls country, died at New York on the llth, aged slxty yeara The Kentucky Legislature in Joint session on the llth formally declared Mr. Beek reelected to the United States Senate. Kichard M. Conwat, United States Consul at Port Hope, Ont, diod on the 1 lth. Rev. Pb. A. 8 PattoH, editor and ovroer of the B.iptUt H'erkl, dled at Brooklyn, N. Y., on tb l'Jth, agA h 'x'y-tbr yar. OOVKBNOB WlI.UAM l'AkltABEH, of IOWtV, wnn iii:mirur:itr(t for ii teoond term oo th lL'tli ut Di'xMoimw. The Democratie Htato Editorial Assoclatlon of Indiana met at Indianapolis on the lüth and electad K.uilel MoDonuld, of the Plymouth Dciuoriat, presiden t for the ensuïng yenr. The Oregon Dcmoernts will hold thelr State conventiou at lVndleton April 3 next. T. Bahiiktc, of Washington, dled on the 12th while tho wedding Biipnor in honor of his luughtcr'n murriagu to Mr. Nicholson was being euioyed by tbc guesta Francis T. Nichom.h wan on tho Iltth nominated for (ovemor by the Loulaiana Democratie Hiato couveution at Batou Bouge. Thk Demócrata of the Misslsslppi Lojrlslatuxe on the 13tli renouiinated E. C Walthall for United Staten Sonator. Frederick Gostave Schwatka, who was one of the founders of Odd-Fellowshlp in the United States, dled at Salen, Ore., on the 13th, ng.d ninety-eight yeurs. FOREICN. Berlín ndvlceH of the lOth say that Stanley, the explorer, had reachtd Emln Bey ia safety. Advices of the 1 Oth from Shanjrhai.Chlna, say that a fanatlcal outbreak had oconrred In the province of Fuklen, and that twenty. Chrlstlan churches had been burned and converta had been massacred. Thk discovcry of another plot agoinst the life of the Czar of Kussia was made at St Petersburg on the 1 Oth. Pis. I' Citoss was hanged at Cork, Ireland, on the lOth for the raurder of his wife. A Berlín paper stated on the 1 Oth that the Powers would soon take steps for th removal of Prince Ferdlnand from the Bulgarian tbrone. A carpenter namcd McDonald was frozan to death in bei at Winnipeg on the llth, the thermometer being 50 degrees below zero. A acARE was cansed at Cork, Ireland, on the 11 tli by the f act that the pólice hal been informad of a plot te wreek the Government buildings wlth dynamite. A 8HABP earthquake shock was fait in the Ottawa (Ont.) región on the llth, and crockery was bmiuhIm-I in many houses. Lojjdon advices of the 1 lth aoy that thlrty thousand persons in Montenegro had been deprived of food by flooda The Czar had sent a shipload of corn from Odessa to relieve the dlstress. A Vienna dlspatch of the 1 lth saya the bodles ot fourteen women had been dug out of the snow near Flume, many were Btill missing, and lt was supposed that they were burled beneath the snow. Da Matto. Peruvlan Commissloner, re. ported on the llth that the cholera epidemie in chili was decreasing. In Valparino 1.28H cases occurred between December 13 and January l, of which tilt proved fatal The mother of Hon. Olivor Mowat, premler of Ontario, dled on the 1 HU at Kingston, at the age of 102 yeara A panic occurred on the lüth In a ch.urch in South Tyrol, Eng., througli a woman fainting, and elght persons were crushed to death and many injured. Fobtt vessels were fog-bound on the l'Jth In the Mersey, and Engllsh rallway train were badly demoralized on account of the dense fog. Numerous fatalitiea had uocurred. Two hen named Buell and Hynes attempted to thaw out a can of dy namito on the 12th at Kingston, Ont, and were blown to piecea An outbreak of scarlet fever amonj the northem Indian tribes In British ('olumbia had on the i:h caused the deatb of a large number of ohildren. Gold was found In vast qnantltles in Rlchardson'a hllls, Hastings County, Ont, on the llith. A movkment was storted in Montreal on the HtLh to have the Legislature pass a law at iU nezt session declariog the KnlghtB of Labor an illegal organizatlon. Several military otticers, Government omclals and teachers were arrested in Solla on the 13th on a charge of conspiring against Prince Ferdinand. LATER NEWS. The great storm which swept over the entlre country from the Northwest was folio wed on the 1 1 ; h and 15th by a freeie the Hke of whtch had not been experlenced Bince the memorable winter of 18(34. The area of unusual cold was general, extending from th extreme northem line of telegraphic cominunicatlon as fnr sonth aa Texas and the srulf Ktutun. Extrome iiunerlng was reported from all directlona, espectally in Minnesota, Dakota, Montana and Nebraska, where over ono Imndred Uves were lost. In Kansus thousnnds were Buffering for want of both fuel and food. In Iowa, IllinolH, WlHcouBln and Michigan the thermometer ranjed from '20 to 40 degrees below rero. A fire in Warren street, New York, on the 15th caused the loss of $150,000 worth of property. The Brittanica, of the French line of steamers, was on the 1 lth cupposed to have foundered wlth nlue hundred souls on board. Ir was announced on the 1 1' li that Belplan printers wllling to work for üve dollars per week would take the places of the Etriking printers at Quebeo. At Chester, Minn., six chlldren oX James Baker were f rozen to death on the 13th wbile réturnlng from school. The House Coiumtttee on Electlons at Washington declded on the 14th not to reopen the contestad electlon case of Thoebe vs. Carlisle, and Mr. Corlisle's seat, both as member and Speaker of the House, wlll not be disturbed. A trottino horse valued at $3,000, owned by E. W. Tillotson, of Bloomlngton, 11!. , was frozen to death In hls stable on the nlghtof the 14th. Geoboe Walker, late Conüul General of the United States in Paris, died of pneumonía at hls residence in Washington on the 1 5th in the Kixty-fourth y sur of hls age. WlI.I.IAM II. HlCKELOOPER, oldcst Bishop of the Hormon church, died at Salt Lake City o thel4ih. Vas corner-stoue of the St Paul (Mina.) lce-palace was luid on the evening of th llth, with the thcrmometr murklng 20 degrecs below zero Stephen Boter and bis brother Samuel and Joseph Kollep, young marrled men, while out driving at Sharon, I', on the 11 th were Btruck by a train of cara and killed. The Knights of Labor of New York Ofty met on the 14th and denounced Powderly' management, a!so h s Executlve Board. Iii'Uiii.Aits made a haul of .¦j-:t(l,tKK) in money on the llth by breaklng into tbe residence of Henry R. Grenfell, one ot the directora of the Bank of England. The burnlng of the Cburch of the Bedeemer at Mtnneapolls on the 15th cauaed a loss of f 70,000. Tire exebanges at twenty-idz leadlng clearlng-houses in tbe United States during the week ended on the 14th aggregated $973,4(53,1 (2, against $0(Í3,350,403 th prevlous week. As compared wlth the correspondinsf week of 18S7 the lncreas amounted lo 0.3 per cent


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