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A Model Newspaper THE NEW YORK MAIL1ND EXPRESS The Advocate of the Rest Interests of Uit Ilouie- The Knoniy of the Saloon. The 1 i i.uil of A nuTicii :i Labor. The Favorito Nawspapor ol J'eople of lii'iini'ii Taste Everywhere. Tho Nevr York MAIL AND EXPRESS, the favorite American newapapr-r of inany peoplt f lntelUgejrt aud onWmiéd tastes, has raaeati ly iiuule souio uoteworthy iuiprovctnrnts. materially iucrcasiu? it goneral excellence It Is iu tho broadcsl üeiiso A National Newspaper, most oarefnlly editod, and adapted to tho wants and tastes of lutolligeutreailors througuout the eutire country- North. South, Kast umi West It U a tüoninL-lily clean paper, free frointhocorriipting, sonsatinual and deinoral. ilnt traeh, ndaealléd news, whieh deflUes ihe pues of too iuauy citypapors. OUR POLITICS. V'e beliovo tho Ropnblloan party to bo the truc instrument of tho POUIICAL riiOGKKiS of tho Amcrlean pcople; and holding that tho honest enforcoinont of its principies is tlio bpst puarantco of tho uatiomil welfare, wo shullsp[Hrtthcin wlthall uur misht; but wo ihallalwmyitveat opiwslng partios wltuconsidciaüon aud lair play. AGAINST THE SALOON. Tho MAIL AND EXPRESS is the recognized National organ of tho preat Anti-Saloon Kcpuolloan movement. It belioves that tho liquortrafflo asitexists to-üaylntbo United States is the onomy of sooiety, a fruitful sourco of corruption in politics, tho ally of auareüy, a school of eriuio, aud, with its avowid purposo of sockiiiR to comiptly control clootlons and legislation, is a manare to the public welfaro and deservía tho condenination of all good men. Send f or Sample Cop?j Thcy are sent free to all who apply, SÜBSCBIPTION RATES.-WEEKLY. por year, SI. 00; eix mouths, o cents; thrco months, 30 centn. Pmi.y, por ycar, S0.OO; nlx montha, S3.00; tbreo mouüis, S1.00; oue uionth, 5o cents. VALDABLE PREMIUMS are glvcn to all ub8crlbers and agents. ' Wo want a good ugeut 1 n every town and villaje whore wo have not one now atwork. Seud for our Special Circular to Agent and seo our liberal offers. You Can Make Money by accepting our Cash Comralssion offors or ¦workiug for our valuable and iiopular promluuis. Address tlie MAIL ANUEXPKES8 New York City.


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