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Comicalities In Plants

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There is .laek-in Pulpit, the flowers of the i'UiQt known U thu Indian turnip (ArKimta triptiyllum ; wlio could never look at one ot these singular blossom without that same atlriing risible fucultie whicli one experiences in pursuing h purody on criciure, or witnesaini; a pau b 'Dilate! The very elgtit of om; Is provocative of iniitli. Huw many times In niy schooldays did I challenge the teacher1 frown by iiiroluntary igiiles at the whimgical Iouk of tlie imprisoned Jack! Monk's hooii of the genius iiconItuui luis quaint, comical fl wers, suggestive of au old lady's hcail in u nijrht-cap. Tlie well-known fly-trap (Dlomea iiiuíeipula) strikes the niiud with all Ihe effect of a joke. Tlie leaves of tliia plant are fringed with stifl' biistles, and fütd together wlien certxin lmirs on their upper ciirsnrc are tourlied, thus seizing iiiscclH tliat li'.'IH on tlicni. Seeiiif: the leaf stand tuinptingly open, a poor fly pop In for shelter or food. Nu sooner han it tourhed its feet tlian home seniMtive Hbers are attected, and the cilia at the top closes in upo . thu utiu.ler, iniprisoniiiK hiin n.s i-tVcctually as if a hoy had taken and cloRed bini in a box. The pitcher plant or nionkey-oip ot the eaüt. although uut p.irtlcular'y ludicrous, a arrangement which bordeis olo.-ely upou the hum.n eoouoray. To the foot-stalks of ench leal nf tbi- plant, neai the b.ise, U attiched a kind of bn;r, sha)ed like a pitcher of the MM consislence and color as the leit in the earlier ítute of its growth, but chrtpyinp with ajre t a reddish piuple. It is girt arouud with au obliqiiü band or hoop, hikI coveri'd with a lid neatly litted, and nidveiilile on a kiud of hinu or trong tiber, which, passing over the háiidie, connects the vessel with the leaf. By the shrinkin or contrictlni? of tliis tiber tlie lid is drawn Oen whenever the weather is shadowy or d.imp. Wli n siiiflcii-ut moísture has fallen ¦ l tl e pitcher Mrtur e I, the cver fallí down so firm'y that evapi r tlon cai not ensii' . Pite water is thu ruin illy b-orheu tbrough the liandle lu the tootstlk of the leat', fjivlng susleiiance and vijror to the plant. As soon as the pitchers are ixhaiiNled, the lids aain open to ailmit n'hatever moisture muy fall, and when the )lHnt h:i8 produced its seed, and the dry season fairly sets in, it withers, with all the covers of the pitchers standing Open. The tlower of the bee orchis is like a pii-i'e of lioueyconib, and the. hees delight in it. Then there is the snap dragon, the corolla of whleh is clefl, aucl turned back so as to look like a r:ilbitV moiitli, eBpecially if pinehed on the idef, wlnn the animal appears as if tiib i] iij The tlower of the cock's COlub and tluseed pud of the mostynia proboscinde.i bear cinious resomblance to the Ubjeeti whicli liavesiijfg"Stfd ttteir Mames. Sime kinds of the nxmcMeRfa have also curlouc seed pods, fioilie beinji like citer pilláis1, and some like lieilge-hofis- the la?t heiu; it.-elf an uMMltlullv ludicruu ob'ect -


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