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tf royal êjv&t J B w-- "Si POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thispowdernevcr varíes. A marvel of purlty.streuutli and wttolesomeneu. More economleal Hum Ilie orüluary kiuds.and aniiot be 8old In competí tlon wlth the muit i inde of low test, sliort welïlit, oluin nr phosphnte powders. Sold only in eans. Kny-il ISuklii"Ponder Vo.. 1O Wall Bt„ N. Y. SCRATCHED28YEARS A Sealy, Helling, Skin Disenso, wltli Endless Suffering Cared bj Cuticura Remedies. If i had known of the i'utk i'üa Hkmedies twentr-etght years ago itw.niicl ban aaved ma $'200.00 (iwo bundreü 1 and an immense amoaut o suflerin?. My dlseaae (Psoriasis) ccmmenced on my Iumü n n ipoi not larjjer than arent. Il spread rapidly all over m liody and got under my nailJ. The scales would drop óff me all Ihe limo, and my ïulT.-rli'i; wa endlen, and without relief. One thousanu doll ra would nol tempt me to have thls dlsease over aL;iin. 1 mu a ioor min, but I feel rlch to be reiterad "f woat ome of the doctors sald uns leprosy, eome ring worm. psoriasis, etc. I took . . . and . . . Sarsuparll lat over one )rau and a half, but no curu. I went to two or three doctors and no cure. I canoot pratae the Cuticura Remedie ton mach. Tbej havo m ule mr skin m ckuir mul free from -cales as a haby's. All I used of them wa- thru' boxoa of Cuticura, and thri'e botth s of COTicURi RstobTBNT, and two cakes of (Juticuha Soap. If y. n had been here and 8ald you wonld have cnred me for #2uUU0 you would have had the muney. I looked lik' the picture in yoar book rf Pvorlaalfl (Dictare immbor two, %'How to Cure Skin Diptüi&eb"), hut DOW l am as dear ao any irtsdi] evur wjs. Throogil lorce o!' h:ihit I rab my hands over my irnis and kg to ecratch oace in n wlulc, but U nu purpoau. 1 am all wdl. I pcratched twenty-efght yciirs, and it fi'ït to be a kind of sec nd nature to m I tluink youathousand times. Anjthln' m re that jron want t know write me. or uny oue wuo reads thU m ty write to me and l w .11 nnwtír ti. IiKNNIs I.OWN'ISG. WaTERbury, VT.,.Tan.2ijli, Is7. Psoriasis, Ffícnii. Tciter, Ringworm, I.ichen, Pruritus, Scald lluud, Mllk C' u-t, Duncli ml', l!irber' Bakers' Grocern' and WasherwomanV I u-h and every species of Itchlng, Barnlng, Sraly, Plmply Hum of the !-km and Sralp nnrl Blood, with Loss of llir are poilttvelj cared liv cut.cura. thegre&tSkin C'ure.nnd C0T1OURA S ap. an ezquisiieSkiu BenatlOur ezternally.aud rum uka Bksolvknt, Ihe new Blood Purlflor init-rnally, when physicians and all other nmedtu IklI. Sold everywhere. Prioe! Outicura, 50 o.; SOAr, 25 c; RK.sor.VKM', í. Prapared by the Pottbb Dri'q & Chemical Co., Boston, Mas. t3SSend for "Bon to Cnre Skin DUctiacs," Cl pages, 50 llustrations, and 100 testimoniáis. PUiri.KS, black-hcads, chaped and oily skin f I IVI prevented by Mkuicatkii Soap. Catarrhal Dangers. To be freed from the danR.irs ot enffocstlon whlle lylng down ; to brca!hc freely, sleep soundly and nndisturbed; to rise refreahtd, head ciear, braln active and free from pain or ache ; to know that no poisonous, putrid matter denles the broatb and rots away the delicate machiuery of emell tiste and hearing; to feel that the system does not throngh its veins and arteries, sucic np the poison that Is sure to undennine and destroy, is indeed a blesslnj beyond all other human enjoyraents. To purchase lmmunity from such a fate should be the object of all afTUcted. lint ihose who have trled many remedies and phyeicians despair of relief or cure. Sanford's Radical Cure moets evory phase of Catarrh, from a simple head cold to the most loathsome and destructive stages. It is local and conatltutional. Instant In relievini;, permanent ín curing, safe, economlcal and never failing. Sandford's Radical Cure conslets of one bottle of the Hadicai. Cure, one box of Catarrhal Solvest, and one Impuovki Inhai.kii. all wrapped In one pa' kage with troit e and directlons, and sold by all OrnggUta for tl.lMI. Potter Druo and Ciiiijhual Co., Boston. NoRheumatizAboutMe IX O.VE HIHITTE ( M The Cuticura Antl-1'ain T PlnKter, relieves Uhcumstlc, Sciah jf tic, Sndden,Slinrp and Nervona l'nlns, jVf X tniins and Weaknesscs. The rlrst g jfcind only paln-kllllng piaster. New, original, Lnataotaneotiii inf:ïllihle, safe. A marvi'llous Antidote to Pain, Inllammatlon and Weaknes. üttsrly unlike nud vistly superior to all oth"r plasttrs. At all druffjiisti, LJr cents; 5 for $1.00; ir, postase free, of 1'oTimt Druo and Chkmical Co., Boaton, Mass. AT FREQUENT DATES EACH MONTH I filU choceof "'{ Pak routes; via íWnRÑjA DENVER' uALIrUnl''cDUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, STJOSEPH, ATCHISQN or KANSAS CITY. For dates, rates, tickets or further Information apply to Ticket Agents of connecting linea, ¦ % or address Pau L M o bto n , Gen. Pass. iTkt. Agt., Chicago, III. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldest agency In the city. EstabllHhed over a quarter of a century ago. Repreaeuting the iollowlng rlrst-class companleB, wlth over 60,000,000 Capital and AhmcUi. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA IN3. CO., of New York. GIRARD INS. CO., of Phlludelphla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE, of Boston. Rates Low as the Lovrest, Losses Libcrally Adjnsted and promptly l'aid. C. II. MILLEN.


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