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Imported, You Know

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Oh, why 1 the Anglo-Amerlcan proud?- lüsstyle Ís Importcd, you know. But wliy Is hls manuer lusud'rably loud?- Thal's also Importad, yon know. Wltli 'Luiínummade" raiment he cuta a greut il.-mii ; Forevery thlng ' Hlngllsh'' he shells out hls osan; No matter the valué, to htm a!l Is trash Tbat Is not Imponed, you know. Mis wtnes and clgarsare the best tobe had- 1 licy're iri'slily Importe!, you km-. He miikes it a polnt to adopt the last "fad" Tliat has been Imported, you know. Wllh a little round wlndow stuck Into hls eye, He oglen humanlly as frora on high, An uHlulne ligure to out he doth try- The notlon's Imported, you know. It Hinken plaln Yankee excesnlvely tlred lo see tilinga Imported, you know, Plaoed up on a pedestal to beadmlred, Beaaaaa they're Imported, vou know. Anü thls Anglomaulac wltli his odd ways, Who spend time and wealth on sorae Imponed craze, AsKineclly should. for the rest of hls days, Kc qulckly crported. you Unow.


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