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Sayings Of Sages

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A tiaoi] eonseience is the best divinity. A m .-iiiV best frientls are hielen liii;i'rí. A L'lonmy (' i like a cloud liebre tbe ralobow was vouchsafed. A ciowil è lint ioiii)miiv, and Incei re but a gallery of pictures, wliere tliere [ 10 I ove. Sleep elght liours out of the twenty'our, ent tb rea menlc a .:y, anü wlk on tin' unny side ot the way. The lirst rato teacher, with or without ;eduot,'irs, muit be lirst rate umn or woman when you begin. A bcHUtifiil eye makes silcnce eloquent; i kind ye in.iki' contradiction nu aateDt, in enrajitd eye niakes beauty deformed. There are tome men foiuied wilh feelngs so ulunt that thcy cm hardly be said to be awake ilurlng the whole ikour.-e of thelr lives. The hightst point outward thiugs oan ring one into 9 the coatentinent of the inind, with which no estáte is miseraMe. A frlendíhlpthftt inakusthe least noise, s very oltcn tLe most nsef'ul; for whicli reus n preter a prudent friend to a zealous onc. The little I have seen of the world and iiiow of the lilfctory of mankind tenches ne to look apoti the errors of others iu iorrow, not In anger. With books, as with conipanion?, it is du more consequence to know which to avoid thiin wliich to choose; (tood Dooks are aie as scarce as good coinpan0118. Let U8 not forgct that eüucation should o in tojrcther with legislation, and that is the latter without the farmer caiinot tie intelligent, o the tonner without the latler can not bo efflcieut.


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