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Grading, Not Mudding, Pays

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The road problem 3 one whicli sliouKl engage the earnest atteution of every ownihlp and road supervisor's district n the State. If the question has liad no ait;it ion in your locality, see that B neeting of citizens is culled. All n wij in iiie statu carinot üe improved in a day. But devise and determine upon ome defiuite plan, nnd pursue It continuously and tcnuciously, and in a few years you will be astonishert at the reulta. The ordinary method of indiscrimately )lowing up a solio road bed and harrownr it into thfl condition of a corntielc!, vithout any object in view beyond tlie 'putting in of time" requlred by tlie road law, should be enough to brand men as candidatos for a madhouse. Such a rocess is a source of expense to every man who must travel or pull a load over uch a road. The only occasion for reakinr ground in a public hlgbway is br the purpose of gradiog. When dolDg liis, the objects sought should be to glv i hili and evenly rolling central road)ed, wliich will drain into the glitters at he side?. Iu no case leave n gutter which will not drain itself. It is better to lave none at all, since tbey will hold vater, which in turn is taken up by the adjoiuing eartli for many feet, and ntead of beiefiting the road-waj', it will softnn it and work an injurj'. Wlienever it is possible to take six nches, a foot, or a nuiuber of feet from a lill-top, and place It in the bollow, see liat it is done; in :i few years it will save housauds of dollars in time, trouble and ind borteflesb, and before you are aware of it, you will have handsouiely graded, troad and beautiful highways, lnstead of he present hilly, muddy and almost


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