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Chas. Rowe of Sharon, is to lócate at Redlands, California. The Pittsfield gato house has been moved to the preniise3 of John Tute. The Ypsilanti Polo nnd Social Club give a grand rcception Feb. lft. A Dundee brick yard furnishes 200,000 brick for llie new T. & A. A. R. R. shops. There 13 a good demand for fiddlers about the county. Mostevcry body dances. Jumes Da ven port, of Raisinville, died Jan. 18, nged 82. He liad llved tbere 50 years. The Michigan grand Iodge of colored masons has ticen in session at Ypellaotl his week. Mis. Gen. Beadle aud daiighter, of Yankton, Dak., are at the Ypsilanti mineral springs. Charlie Wriht lias soltl out hls farm in Hurón Co., and will move back home ïear Whittaker. A. F. Clark, of Saline, has received lotice that he has beenallowedseven imrovenients on wind engines. Mr. A. A. Wood, of Lodi, had about 50 bushels of oats, and two blankcls tolen froru his bain last week. A. F. Clark has 80 scholars in his inging class at Britton, and now Milan alks about getting up a bigger one. H. Baldwin is president, G. II. Mitchell secretary, and J. Storms treaauier, of he Lima Fruit Grower's Association. In Waterloo, Jackson Co., le.ip year box ociáis are popular. Leap year lias got many a poor fellow a box before now. Ex-Mayor Ilenry R. Scoville, of Yptianti, and Miss Nina B. Mavis, of Deroit, are to be married to-day, at Detroit. The poet, John G. Whittier, bas writen a letter to Wm. Larabie, of Ypsilanti, banking him lor u rcicnt i. ,cli' ml Tlir name of the pos-toftiee herctofore nown as Newcouib, lms been ehanged to Willis, to correspond with the rail ruad tation. S. H. Habef, ot Saline, drove to that lace froui Ann Arbor In 47 minutes last veck, and consequently thinks he has a ast horse. The ladiesof the PHtiield Union MisIon Society are to give a social on the 7th at J. W. Canfield's resldence, at vhich supper will be served. Mrs. Triphene McNeil, of Hilan, died an. 18, aged 63 years. Her liusband, }hancey McNeil, was starved to deatli n the Andersonville prison pea. Over in Stockbridge the ladies give egg ociáis. Someofour younp bloods ocasionally iiave an egg social, but sonio way they affix a "nog" to the egg for aditieual sociability. Miss Addie Warden leaves Monday for California, where she will spend the win;er looking after her brother-in-law, Mr. 3omstock, of Ypsilanti, who is in poor health.- So. Lycn Picket. The ice harvesters are busy, and the nly fault we have to tind if, it seetns to us that some of them pile on loada withut any mercy to their horses. They on't realize how heavy ice is. - Sentlnel. Whittaker and Willis Station on the Wabash are running a race. During Deember Willis sold $34.80 worth of pasenger tickets, and Whittakor only 84.48 including $24 worth of milk tickts. Of thirteen different branda of "stomach bitters" analyzed by the government hemist, every one contained ingredients eleterious to health, and not one had a ingle Ingrediënt calculated to tone up he stomach.- Ex. The last issue of the Pickncy Dispatch ontalns the adieu of J. T. Campbell, vhile the paranraphs show a good hand till at the helm in the person of Mr. A. ). Bennett. Here's hoping Mr. Bennett may prosper with dispatch. And now the editor of the Stockbridge Sun deiiies that it was himself who kickd at being awakened at 6 o'clock a. m., )ut another fellow. The Sun man ia up n hour or so before that time gettin his clssora limbered up for some cuttlog rticles. M. J. Lehman, of Chelsea, was in laeon attending court all last week. Ie secured judgment against the estáte f DavidJWfbb for $1,600 on a notegiven ly Mr. Vebb to Celestian Ferguson, of ima, in settlement of a breacli of promge case. - Stockbridge Sun. Mr. Ira J. Bean attained the age of 21 rears lastFriday, and his father piesiiitcd ïiui with a deed of the Grass Lake drug tock as abirthday present. - Fowlerville {eview. That young man can't blow bout his father very much, but he has. fot something to blow ubout iifveitheess. The worsliippers in Christ Church, tockbridgf!, recently gave their enerjietc pastor a reception and $43 85 (not on lis salary) but as an expression of their èeling for his excellent work the past ears in raUlas $1,350 and clearing the Imrch from debt besides paylug $100 on bell. Jacob Haselschweidt, of Sharon, claims o have sold about 1,500 cords of wood off lis farm. Now "cords" is alright, but 'loada!" deliver us from the sliarka who ell wood by the load ! They have no more conscienee thnn a ('nioago liog, nd the greed and veraoily of a Bobemlan at note solicitor. Somo of the ministers in neighboiiug laces complain that only people so old at they cannot sce thu spots on cards ttend prayer meeting, so popular is proressive euchre. From childhood up eople are preverse, and will not see the ïlngs they ought to see and do the hings they ought to do for their own salvatlon. The Saline correspondent to the Argus must have bad a dose of pliysic go back oa hiin last week, the wny he slurred the the town and Insulted the people. Tlicre is a vast dlflerence between wit and insolence, and ignorance is no excuse for sluis, though sometimes deservIng more of our pity than our conderanation.- Obscrver, Mark Case returned home from Southern California last Thursday nlght. He llkes the country there and says tliat he bas been offercd i?2,000 an acre for bil land near Los Angeles, but will hold it as lio bciii'vcs that it will be worth mucb more. He intends to go there to live some time. The climate is fine and the fruit lïrst-clnss.- Manchester Enterprise. A baby boy was left upon the steps of Will Clark'i residence, in Stockbridge, last week, wlth a note stating that the child was bom Dcc. 29, '87. Two men left the poor waif there after ringing the door bell drore rapldly olí; Icaving no trace. The Stockbridge Hun calis upon its readers to be untiring in their eftorts to lind the parenta of this child, and inake them pay the penalty for their crime. At the recent election of offlcers of the Ypsilantl Light Guard, the following were chosen: CanUia Chas. Norton; Lleuten&ots, BTarry Simons and Arthur Watrous; Sergeants, Frank Anderson, George Wheeler, Cody Kirk, John DonaIme, C.H. Orecnman; Corporals, Will Wolsey, Geo. Russell, Martin O'Hrien, Andrew Stolil, Walter Greenman, Almon Robertwn, Arthur Lamh, Harrey Ferguson ; Civil offioetl : l'resident, Chaa. Norton ; Vice-presklent. C. H. Qreenman; Secretary, Cody Kirk; Treasurer, Chas. Bhaw. - Ypsilantian. A. J. Waters, who bas been traveling in Florida, writes this to the Manchester Enterprise: ''Oh, Florida! thou art a jewel, but (aside) you paint! For every acre a man buys here he gets the measure lMMHMd "! 'ntl i-imiiiiu' nver with heautiful climate, with the sand thrown in. The soil don't even smile when 'tickled with a hoe,' but it laugus alound when a northerner steps upon it, and the harvest begias right away - but not for the aforesaid northerner. There is a wealth in oranges (indisputable, but Florida lor tbote that like it. 1 am yours of Michigan and for Michigan." G. J. Nissly rcturned Saturday night, from the Grand ELapids puultry exhibition. He took 20 coops and bO fowls, wliich he ezhlbited and gathered in only 38 regular and 20 special premiums anti prizes, aggregating nearly f 100. Among the special premiums were two elegant easy chairs valued at $5 and $ 12 each; one barrel of tlour; $10 cash; box cigars; china set; etc. Ile was awarded specials for targest and best display in the show; for the best display of Black Monorcas, and White Plymouth Rocks; highest scoring breeding pen of Langshans and IVkin Bantams. The show was the large.-t ever helJ in the state - Saline Observer. Served them right. "For some time past a class of people have disturbed the pastor and the worshippersat the l'ontiac M. E. church, Sunday evenings, by whisperings, laughing, etc, during services. SuocUy nlght Mr. Allen came toasudden hall in the middle of an Interesting seruion, and poinUnff to a certaia part of the church, sakl : 'If those young ladies in the back seat want to talk, come forward and t:ike the pulpit.' It ia hardly necessarv to say that they didn't comeforward but they did sbut up, much to the relief of the pastor am) congregation." - Northville líecord. For once, it seems, that the boys are not to blame. They were bushful, probably, and waiting just outside the door for the girls to come out. If a severe thundcr storm was to rage in the city every night, with now and then a death by lightuing, the people woull desert the place. Yet that is exactly the case with every city lighted by electricity, except the noise of t hunder, which never harms anybody. In Detroit more deaths iujurieá and lires have been caused by its light plant, than by lightning during the same time. In any city lighted by electricity, people walk as if under thunder clouda whenever the wires are Changad, añil should the wind or any accident bring a wire down on a person, instant death would ensue. Stand from under. - Yptllantt Sentinel. Great graciousl IIow startling! IIow terrible! IIow wicked! IIow awful! Some way, no one is struck, no deaths oceur, no injuries reported, except iu the imaginatiou of Bro. Woodrufl. The Ypsilantian has this excellent article upon the rapld growth of a habit that is vicious and degrading: "The rapM growth of the cigarette liabit among a class of boys of this city i.s a matter that ought to engage the serious attention of their parents, or who is responsible for their welfare. Of the pernicious effects of cigarette smoking there is no longer any question, and evidenco of that accumulates rapldly. A young man well known here is now reported seriously ill with an atfeCtlOD of the throat in consequence of that praetioe. The death of a man from the lame cause, in Troy, N. Y. has bten reported in the dispatches of the present inontli. We law B man in Syracuse, last month, sanering from what bis pbysician pronoui.ced the worst throat hc had ever seeu, caused by eigarette smoking; and we know boys here whose husky voices teil the tale of the cigarette and foretell the serious conscquenccs of continued inüulgence In the silly practice. If our boys must smoke, they had far better smoke eigars or pipes.''


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