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"M y son, yon are starting out iuto the world for yourself, let me give you a ] it Lie advice. In the lirst place read Polonius advice to Laertes, and act npon it; it is most excellent advioe, better than your father could frame for you, for he Ís no Shakespeare - no Bacou - no, not even a Donnelly. And still further, my son. You are engaged iu the newspaper business. I saw your last pnper and I was grieved to read in it what I did. Why, sir, you actually expressed an opinión ! "l'wlll never do, sir, never do! You may publiih opinions but not eiprets opinión, if you would be successful. No matter how sincere you may be; no matter how conscientious; when you expresa un opinión you must necessarily differ with soine man who takes your paper, and people are so constituted tliat opinions differitig f rom their own are like red rups flouted in the face of a mad bull ; therefore be wise and float luto popularity with the owl's wisdom, which is only Beemlng. At times, perhaps, wlien you see the popular tide is strong in any direction it muy be well to jtimp in the swiin; but do it cxutiously my son; do it cautiously. The journalistic patli is strewn with hVndreds upon hundreds of the skeletons of men to whom failure carne because they inisconceived the misslon of a newspaper.1


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