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CiiKi.sEA. Jan. 23il, i-vEDITOB Couuiiiii:- I noliced in jour reply to my article on Uic rabject of Kqualizaation, by the last Board of Supervisors, you copy what I said about the prosperity of the villano of Chclsta. Theu you add, " wlien Chelsea prospere slie is reduced, but when Ann Arbor prospera sho is raiscd. It makes a üill'ererice wtiere prosperity occurs." I conclude you admit the decline In farm property as I clairacd, at 20 per cent, as you did i'ot undertake to argue to the contrary. Then you should have said ( if you wished to be honcst with your readers,) the town of Sylvan must be reduced because the decline in faun property more than offsets the inercase of values In Clielsea. The farms of this township pay about two-thirds of the taxes, in other words cquali.ed at about f800,000, the 20 per cent, decline on farm property amounts to about $175,000 then add $98,000, the amount the township has been raised and you have $27;J,0OO, as the amount CheUea has been raised, while the wliole city of Ann Arbor had been raised ubout $220,000 in same years. In your last article you pitst portions of mine in fiagments in a manner to entirely change the tneaninsr, in other words you "set up a man of straw and proceed to knock him oft" his plus," ( as when you aid Cltelsea must be reductd, e:c.) Tliercfbrc I shall only mention one other matter to whlch you refer in your last. Yiui say " one man on Sylvan roU who la agsessed $4,000, personal, in whobe name we lind undischareed mortgages to the amount of $15,932 standing upon the records of this eounty, and we are informed he has about as uiuch In Jackson In the year 1880 to which you refer, I lul hM 1 mio aaEtocctiinnfQ mul ll:i i' I1O trouble locating this clmrge. This man tells me you are nearly correct as to this coutity, but lie has no niortgaes on Jackson Co. property. But for tliose morttrafteB In this county he lias deeds covering $10,200 of them and unother $1,500 mortgage is on aome oíd mili property- not worth $400- and lie has paid the taxea on all the above property this year. Wlien you take $11,500 from your friend ($15,932,) doo't you think $4,000 a very fair assessment on the balance? Mr. Editor, your last article put me in mind (not of the hijfhwayman) but of a democratie politician we have In our town, when he gets in an argument and flnds himself in a corner, ( which otten happens) he will resort to making liUto y to help himself out. One of the largest tax-payers of your city told me since this controversy coinmenced that he liad no doubt of the justness of the equalizatlon, "but the kicking had to be done to protect ourselves in the future." A woid In rcply to friend Braun. I did Dot lócate tlie Tozer farm in his township, it was a randoin shot, but by the feathers, eto. Mr. Editor, I am done with this controversy hoplng the next Board ot Supervisors will correct auy mistakes made by the present Board, llespectfully,


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