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Gen. Alger's Popularity

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Kx-Sherift'CoDradClippert, of Detroit, rcturncü a few dnys since lrom an extended trip throughout tli northwest, and southwest, and gives to au Evening News reporter his iinpressions of the great and growing popularity of Gen. Algei'. He said : "In every city people were talking of our exgovernor, Gen. Alger. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, on the trains and everywhere, men and women were talklnft of tlio 'groa.t anil lihoral man' as they called him. The papers there contained column accounts of his generosity, and every' one I saw safd he wislied Minnesota had euch a man. I never saw the like of it in my life. At Denver, St. Louis and several other places I lieard deraocrats talking and nirniy of tliem were influential citi.ens. They declare that f the republicana will nomínate Alger he will be the next vice-prcsident of the United States and they will d all in their power to put him there. I saw a good many G. A. R. men whoin Gen. Alger has aseisted In raany ways, and they claim that he s the man the rcpublicans ought to nomínate to carry the national ticket. I was surprised to hear the amount of praise given Gen. Alger. No one had a word to say aguinst him and the Gernians especially. I met the editor of a democratie Germán paper at Sc. Paul, and he has sent me one of his papers contaning a two column editorial of 'Michigan's cheerful givur, and the coming vice-pre8ident'. But the unfortutiate and unjust thing about this business is that the people can not vote Tur him for vice-president direct. It is a growing impression among the leople that the himbering electoral college sliould be abollshed, and the pcoplu vote direct for president and vice-pnsideut. Miss Hiltz of Chicago, was greeted at the Chamber Concert last Saturday j ing by otie of the largest audiences these concerts have druwn as yet. Miss Hiltz ' was asststed by Miss Julia L. C:iruthers, pianista and aecompanist; Mr. Orin Cady and Mr. Ed. Bilbie, violinist. The program was made up almost entirely of songs of which tliere were nineteen. Two piano numbers only, were inserted. Miss Hiltz though not at all a stranger here, gave an entirely new notion of her powers as a singer. Tliere was nearly every variety of song given, yet she seemed eqtially at home in all, except perhaps the Beethoven "Contrition" a most severe test in cantabile singing, and in serious interpietation of one of the profouudest moods of Hint wonderful mind. Her voice is a high soorano of great power and a rood kind of llexibility, i. e, which does not slight tones because they are short. Her words are phiin, her intonation nccuratt', and her tone very often exquisito', always clear and tinn. She will hIumvs lind a welcome not only from niusicilly eduoatod people for the character of her songs and singing, but from evcyone wlio enjoys the embodirnent of fresh, vigorous lite in beautilul forms and sounds. Mits Caruthers, accompanimeuts harmouized perfectly wlth the ringen idens and renderng, and in her solos she fully sustained the rcputation she gained forliniohed interpretation and beautiful tone. The Buffrtlo News observed that tlicre was nothin{ new under the sun, but tliere is something ih'w, rira'ing in grandeur the dazlin;; orb mentioned, and will be exeruplilied next weck, when Thatcher, Primrose & West's mlnstrels appcar in tlie Opera House. It is promïsed by tin management that the program prepared is new and surpascing anything heretofore preseuted on tlie American stage. Their new first part consisting of 15 handaonie drops carrled by the corapany and their costumes costing $10,000, hre simply grand. The new teatuies added to this org.ilnzition for tlie this season created a great furor in Milwaukee lastSaturday night - the opening performance of their season - huadreds were unablc to x uu adniittance, and ihe thermometer was up in the nincties. A pamplilet issued by tiie Manufacturer's Club of Philadelphia, entitled "Au AnBwer to the Preíideut's Message to the Fiftieth Congress," ia on our table, and ougbt to be on the table of every person in the country. It answers completely ftll of the points Hgainet a reasonable protective taritt' and in favor of free trade. There are many people who not liaving a good nndentuding of this question favor the side which is destructiva to our American industries, and for such as these this pamphlet wou ld be a prlze worth having. The General Agent of the Michigan State Temperance Alliance, telegraphs by mail that he has somcwhat confused the dates of the State meeting - reason not Btated - and that it will occur Feb. Ist insteiid of Feb. 7th, at Jackson.


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