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KEEP PURSU1NG. Teil rae uot in inoiirnful nunibers Life is bnt ai) empty dreutn, Or the soul is dead that slumber9, And things are not wliat they eeem. Keep on pusliing o'er life's voyag", Resting not forever more Till you see the wondrous barjjiiins Tu be bc found at Goodyear's Btort. 15urahis the re you m&y discover Such as ne"er were seen befre. All ubout you they w:ll llover Wlien you enter at the door. If it's drugs that you are wishini: And seek prices plain and clear, Take this warning, stop your (ishin And cali iipon Goodyear. In the morning, day or evening Wondrous bargains you may flnd j Bargains that are not deceivinr, 80 just bear the place in mlud, Keep pursuing, onward pressing, Halting not forever more, Olí, ye people, I'm ndilressing, Till you try Goodyeai's Drug Store. FOR A SUITABLE BIffIHUY PRESENT ! Purchnse a fancy $1 OR $2 BOX OF THE FINEST NEW YORK CREAMS AT HANGSTERFER'S Our Stock of toys, ilolls, games, etc. wlll be cloaeil out regard less of coat.. 27 SOUTH MAIN ST. RINSEY & SEABOLTS BAKERY, GROCERY, AND Flour and Feed Store. Wc Leep conet&nüy on hand, KKE.VI, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, Fot Wholesale and Kotall Trade. We hall alxo keep a snpply of SWIFT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Osbort.'.o Ould Daal Flour, Buckwlicut Flour, Corn Kfeal, Fced, Etc, At Wholefale and Retall. A general stock 01 GROCERIES ani PROYISIÜNS Conetautly on hand, whlch wlll ne sold on aa reaeunahle ti-rme as at any other hoase n the citj . Cseh paid for BUTTKR, BQGÍ. and CX)ÜNTKY PRODUCB ffenerally. Goois dellreivd U any pan of the city without tn ehrr. BO8K1 SEABOLT. LTTMBER"! LÏÏMBER! LÏÏMEER! U yon contémplate building, cali at FERDON LiiÉr lari ! Corner Fourlh and Depot Sts., and ge our figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our owu Lumber and jjuarautee VERY LOW PRICES aa-Give u a cali and we will make it to your Interest, as our Urge and well Rraded stock fully ustains our assertion. Tclephone Connettions r."lh k'bCH Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop


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