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A new quartettc clioir at the Baptist cliurch. The Hobart Qulld now has upwarda of 400 meiiibers. Wood is being fairly ruslied iuto toWD on tbil good sleijjliiníí. The name of John Babbett, Ann Arbor nppears in the pension lists. There were 401 children present at the M. E. Sunday school last Sunday. Rev. Dr. Jackson, of Illinois, will preach at the Baptist church next Sunilay evening. F. E. Yale, at the post office news depot sniokes a fine new nieerschaum pipe, the gift of a friend. A decree was granted John Q. HornIng and wife, against Michael Dieterle, for $1,522 55, in the circuit court yesterday. The choir of the Bethlehem church took a sleigh ride to Michael Stein's, a few miles north of the city, Friday eveuin last. Prosecuting Attorney Norrishas moved his office, and will now be found over C. Rinsey's store, Judge Klnne's former sanctum. The Forestry convention at Grand Rapids to-morrow and next day, ought to be well attendud. The subject is one of great interest. John Connelly, fonnerly a resident of Ypsilanti, was sent to the county jail for 30 days by Justice Pond Monday morning for being drunk. A leap year party of ten couples went to the house of Wm. P. Grove, in Northfleld, last Friday evening. Dancing etc., and a right merry time. The Chequauiegons will play for a dance at the Follet house on the evening of Feb. lat. The Ypsilantians know where to find good muslc. Quarterly inspection of Welcli Post, Q. A. R., Friday evening. It is expected that action will also be taken on the tender of the hall by Mr. Jacob9. If any one wishes to immortalize himself he can do so by paying 50 cents for a chair in the M. E. Sunday school and have his name iuscribed thereon. The M. C. R. R. has put down the price of 1,000 mile tickets to $20, or two cents per inile. Tbat'l ihe figure all rail roads will be obliged to reach before long. We notice tliat one of the Detroit dallies put the title of B. F. Watts' new oflice as "grand high president." B. F. doesn't rcsemble Grover to any appreciable extent. James Williams, through the kindness of Justice Frueauff, took up a 25 days residence with Sheriff Walsh, lastWednesaay. Drunk. On Satimlay, James Brown was sent to the same place for 30 days. The statement is made that there has been admitted to the county poor house on an order from this city, an able bodied man who draws $24 per month pension trom Uie government. If it is truc, H hardly seeins as thougli It was right. The Nil Dicit Club are to give a leap yer party at Nickel's hall Friday eveoing, for which elabJrate invitations are being sent. The gentlemen will not be allowed to ask for partners in dances, that being the reserved privilege of ladies. No sooner has leap year leaped upon us than pop-corn socials are annouiiced. Yes, of course, it will be pop, pop, pop, all the year llirougli, and if a fellow gets off with siniply having his corna popped he will be fortúnate - or ïinfortunate, which? The heart of the plumber is made glad these days by the numerous water pipes which are bursting. It looks as though Jack Frost and the festive plumber were in league to run up bilis for the bousebolder to liquidate. We have not heard it stated that the plumbers' bil[s are any smaller this year than usual. Notable days occur this year as follows: Washington's Birtliday ou VVednesday, St. Patrick's on Saturday, Easter Sunday on April Fools, Memorial day and Fourth of July on Wednesday, presidential election on Tuesday, Nov. 6th, and Chri8tmas on Tuesday. It will be a century and a half ere Easter Sunday again occurs on the first of April. The annoiincement that Prof. Roger's lectures occurred in the evening at the M. E. church, was erroneous. These lectures are before the bible class, at the close of the morning service, and the one of last Sunday is more highly spoken of than was the previous lecture. Next Sunday the third of the series will be given. at the close of the morning service, and will be enlitled "Christianlty.1' Among the latest tricks in trade Is that of ''browning" oranges to give them the popular Florida hue. It is done by putting the fruit in a sieve and passing it over a hot flre until the oranges are sufflclently scorched or " browned '' to give the Florida tinge. The oranges treated this way come from Mexico and the West Indles. Of course the succulent qualitles of the fruit are not itnproved by the proce8S, but the consumer does not realize the fact until he partakes of it. The Cocker League program, Monday evening attracted an audience which filled every seat. The exercises were Germán in tone, as the musical selections of Mrs. Dr. A. H. Sylvester were by German composers, whlle the paper of Mrs. Carhart was about Queen Louise of Prussia. This pnper gave an admirable sketch of Prussia's ideal queen and was written In a chaste style which held the attention of the nuditors in a manner sel dom enjoyed. Mary W. wife of Eli Manly, of the 5th ward, died Thurgday last at 2 o'clock p. m., Rged 47 years, after an extended Ricknes3. Mrs. Manly had lived In the city for the past 24 years, and had been the wife of Mr. Manly 21 year?, and they had buiied two children. The funeral services were held Sunday p. m., in the M. E. church of the 5th ward, Rer. Dr. Ryder preaching the sermón. The G. A. R. Post tunad out in nearly full ranks, and many of the I. O. O. F'a were also present, Mr. Mauly being a member of each order. Beautlful floral ofteringa were placed upon the coffln by loving hands, and a large clrole of fi iends mourn the loss of ono who was respected by all. Mr. Manly haB the sympathy of the community in uis affllction.