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An exaniination in United States History will be given in room No. 2, to-inorrow afternoon. Lyceum No. 2, will liereafter meet in Miss Chittendeiis' room on the 2d Hoor ngtead of on the tliird floor. The torm essays are dtie as follows : lst year, Feb. 14th, 2d Year, Feb. 2 Lst., Junioryeiir, Peb. 28th, Senior year Mureli Ui. Delta Epsilon Literary Society will not meet tliis week, having accepted an invitation f rom its sister society, Lyceum No. 1, to attend its special program. Lyceum No. I, has a special program this week. Everyone interested in the work being carried on by the Lyceum is cordially invlted to attend, Frid.iy evening ut 7 o'clock. A Junior sleigh ride to Ypsilanti, will be ven by Miss Nellie Monroe next Friday eveuing. The members are requested to meet at the home of Miss Alice Cramer on Iluron street, at 6:30 sharp. Every member should come. The more, the inerrier. At the regular meeting of Unlty Club, Monday evening, Jan. 30th, Mrs. Suiulerland will read a paper on Michael Angelo's Last Judgment, Trof E. L. Walter will Kve a paper on Victor Hugo the novelist, and an original story will be read by Miss Elslo Jones. Pliocbe C, motlier of Harvey Q. Weed of tbiscity, has been grantcd a pension. By the time the supervisors get arounc to make the assessment on mortgagcs, ui) der the new law, therc wilt be hardly mortgage owned in the county, if on may judge by the procedings of a few who have coinmcnced the sliarp practic of assigning their mortgages to othe parties, usually outside the state. It I probable that they take an assignmen back to tuemselyes, but sald assignmen is not recorded. And so the law is eva ded. If a poor man sliould conspire t so evade the law of the land, would h not be arrested for eonspiracy, or some Uring of the kind ! Prof. E. Baur, Secretary, announce the inonthly meeting of tlie Waslitenaw Pomological Society will be held on the 4th of February, at 2 o'clock p. in., in basement of court house, topics : " Some Climatical Resulta of Removing Forests,' by Prof. Mark W. Harrinztoit, directo of the observatory. "Fruit Exchange,' opcned by Pres. Balduin. Forestry is receiving general attention, and all the friends of the prosperity of our beautifu state are requested to particípate In tliis most important and neglected questlon To fruit growers the topic "Fruit Exchange," will be an essential question Exhibit of fruit, greeu, dried and preserved. Flowers. Last Friday eyening, when B. F. Watts returned from bis grand chapter conquest at Grand Kupids, wliere he captured the title of G. H. P., he was met by meny congratulating friends. As there are 118 chapters In tlie state, it will be seen that but few of them can ever have a grane high priest. In the evening Mr. Watts was inviteb to the Franklin house, and upon arrlving there he found some 4C R. A, M.'s assembled, who soon gathered around a well-filled table, H. P. James L. Btone presidlng, and giving out the texts. The congratulatory speech feil upon Hon. A. J. Sawyer, who proved entirely equal to the demands of the hour and tlie time. The next best man in the line of responses was Wm.G. Doty, whose words were pleasing ones and readily drank in by the listening ears. There were maiiy other respondes which were happy and full of good cheer. At the close, the only man out of the whole lot who had not been called upon arose and requested an opportunlty to gay something himself, and in a few pleasing words presented to Past H. P. Charles E. Hiscock, there present, a high priest's jewel, a beautiful pitee of workmanship. L. C. Goodrich made the presentation. This was a fitting climax to perhaps one of the most enjoyable Masonic occasions ever held in thecitj-.


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