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Guc8t, suspiciously eyeing the flattened pillows and crumplud sheets - Look here, andlord, thig bed has been slept in. Lundlord, triumphautly - Thal's what íts tur.- Brooklyu Eagle. "Just Hear That Chlld Screani !" siiid Mie. Sinith to her sister, Mrs. Davis, ns the sound of a child's shrieks canie across the garden from a neighbor's house. "What kind of a woman liave you for a neljfhbor? Does stie abuse her chlldren?" "No, indeed," replied Mrs. Davis, is one of the most tender mothers in existence. But you see, .-lic believes in the old fashioned styles of doctoring. When a cliild needs physic, shc lilis a spoon with some nauseousdose, lays the little rictim flat on her lap, holds his nose tlll lie is forced to open bis mouth for breath, when dowu goes the droadful mees. Then come the yells." "No wonder," said Mrs. Smith, "VVhy doesn't she use Dr. Pierce's Pleasnnt Purgutive Pellets? They are effeetive without belug harsli, and are as easy to take as silgar pluma. I always glve them to my children." "And 80 do I," said Mrs. Davis. The one who sows the seeds Is more to be feared titan the harvester. All of us who are wor h anythin speud our manhood in unbearing the l'ollii-s or expiatlng the mistakes of our youth.- Shelley. When a girl is Httle she lias a dolí baby; when she grows up she lias a doliiiiin. - Harper's Bazar.


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