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A Model Newspaper THE NEW YORK MÁILAND EXPRESS The Advocate of the Best Iaterwt of tilt llomr - The Knemy of the Saloun. The 1'ritiKl ol ' .1 morirán Laltur. The Kavorlte Nnvainiwr ( l'oople of Reflned Taatoa Kvorywherc. Tho New York MAIL AND EXPRESS, the favorito American newspapcr of niany jieople of Intelligent ad eoltlratedtMtei.uaa reoently made sorae notewortuy improvomiMU, niateriallr lnereaslog lts general excellence. It is iu thu bróadest senso A National Newspaper, most carofully odltca1, and adaptoil to the wants and tastos of iutelliKcnt readers througllont the entiro couutry- North. South, Kust and Went. It isa tbnnmghly clean paper, tree fro'u tlo roiTiiptine, sciisational and (U'inoriil izhii tnish, inlsoallca nt'ws, wtaleli dellloa llie pagM f too ïnauy city papers. OUR POLITICS. V.'o lcliovo thu r.opubüonn party to lio the tnie instrument pi tlio POUTICAL. i-i;or.ILli-Si.f tho American poople; aml holding thatthe honcAt cnforccnicnt of lts pnnolplca la the bost trnarantco oT tho national welfare, vra - 1 ti 11 support theui with all our mif;ht; bnt vo Iholl alwnys treat oppoalng partios wlth consuluvaUon aud lair play. AGAINST THE SALOON. Tho MAIL AND EXPRESS ia tho rero-nlc.i National organof tho preat Auti-Saloon Ropuolicau movcment It believea tliat tho llqnortratta asitexlsts to-dayinthe United Statoa is tho cnemy of society, a fruitfnl sourco of corruption In politics, tho nlly of anaroliy, a school of crime, aud, with Ita a owed purpose of secklnK to corrnptly coutrol cloctlons and lcislation, is a Biaoac te the public welfare nnd deaervpa tlio condcinnatiou of all good men. Sendfor Sample Copij They are sent f ree to all who Bpply, SUBSCRIPTION Weeklv, peí year, 81.00; six months, 60 cents; tbree monthe, 30 cents. DaTLT, per year, SO.OO; slxmonths, SI1.00; thrco montlis, 81.S0; ono month, 50 conts. VAI.ÜABX-E PltESIIUSlS are givcn to all snbseribers and apents. Wo want a good agent In cvery town and villago whero wo havo not one now atwork. Scnd for our Special Circular to Agent aud seo our liberal offers. You Can Make Money liy aeeepting our Can Commluslon offors or working for oir valuablo and popnlar premiums. Address tbo MAIL AND EXPRESS, Now York City,


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