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Real Estate Transfers

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Ira Carpen ter to Rob'tMartln.Superior.t 1,200 August Dupslaur to Herman Langer Aun Arbor 700 Jas. W. Sweetlng et al., to Chas. F. Kelnhart, Superior 2,500 Allce A, Oeraghty to Jas. C. Qeraghty, Chelsea "... ico Chas. H. Kempf to Jas. C. Oeraghty, Chelsea .77..... 128.80 Carrle E. Abbott to Adelbert J.Wooster Northfleld ' 450 Geo. Taylor to Joseph Staplsh, Lima.. 100 Isaac Taylor by helrs to Oeorge Taylor, Chelsea 750 Isaac Taylor by helrs to Thos. Taylor, Lima 150 Peter D. M. E. Martin to John S A M MoDowell, Ypsllautl 3,000 Qeo. S. Brush by Ex. to Cha. O. Brush, Ann rbor 3200 Thos. Duliy to Mary Cross, Ypsilantl . . 275 Chas. S. Oay to Marínela Clymer, Milán . 140 Harnh Smlth by lulin'r to Francia J. Comba, Augusta 100 Ausel B. Shay to Alfred Smltb, Augusta. 4í2 Jack and J 11 1 each took a pill, uiu iasiiluiiiMl kind- lul] grown; Jack's went down- but wlíh a Trowu- Jlll dled froin "cause unknown." Siniles will supersede many frowns, nd many discomforts will be uukoowD, when Dr. Pierce's Pleasaiit Purgative Pellets entirely supersede, astliey bid fair Ui do, the larjje and lesa efficiënt pill of sur forefiitliers. Every day the tf.iin now laurels! lost popular wlien most illa iibound !