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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thispowdernever varios. A marvel of purlly.streUKth mul wholesomeness. More economical thnn the ordinal y k i in Is, and oannot be sold In competltlon with llie mnlUtade "t low tesl, f-hori welght, luin or phospliate powders. Sold nnly in i-uiis. Koyal liitkliig Fowdcr Co.. 1O6 Wuil st.. N. Y. AT FREQUENT DATES EACH MONTH FSvngESñJFROM CHICAGO, ¦SI P 1]M0S mémèimmmh f A" routes; via PlMPnÖNIA DENVER, UAUrUWcouNciL bluffs, GMAHA, STJOSEPH, ATCHISGN or KANSAS CITY. Fop dates, rates, tickets op f urther Information opply to Ticket Agents of connoctlng Unes, t or addren PAUL M orton , Gen, Pass. fiiTkt. Atf.,CMcago, III. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! Re. 4 South Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldest afiPney In the city. Eslabllshed over a quarter of a century aso. Kepiesentlng the (ollowiiiK compunies. with over #0,000,000 Capünl and Assels. IIOMIO INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL LN-i. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. GIKAHD INS. CO., of PhlIadPlplila. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL KNION, of Ixmdon. LrVBRPOOL, LONUON and GLOHK. WASHINGTON PIBE and MARINE, of ISostou. Rates Lovr as tlie Lovrest, Liberall y Ailjusted auil promptly l'&iii. C. H. MILLEN. SKIN SCALP BLOOD HaTÍBí been rafferer for two y er and a half from a diseaso CAilsed ïy a brniF6 011 tbfl leif. and when all otbermclhoilK and remi dl.-8lalled,I deern ft my dtuy to KCommend th4-in. I rlalted Hot Sprii.iiw to do avail, and trled kcvitfI ductor without occeca. and at last oor principal drngplut, Mr. John P. Flnley (to hom I nhall cvor Intl u'rsteto (flTe thini a trial with the resnlt ilint I am perfeclly curod. Tbcre Is now n aure bout me. I think I can show the larcest surf.ico Inri' 111 y loffoiiDga ipnog inm of uj one in the State. skin cnrcH manoBCtBred. I tefer to dniKt;ii John P. Finlay and 1). L. C!. Montpomery.hoth of this place and to Dr. Smith, ( Lufl Lee, MIpb. ALKXANDBR BEACH, Oreenville, Mise, requeet, with rosul's as abovi Htated. A. 13. FINLAY & Co., DruggUls. SAVED MY MÖTHER'S LIFE. Kver cincc I can rctnember, my niother has sulTcred from a milk eg. Notbing wonld do her any (fOOd Slie liad the best medical talent, hut they all did hernogood. 8he suffered with her lei; lor thirty years and never knew a well day. She would have to wit up half the niirht, holdine up her leg atd inoinin. ihe had 110 peace. She ii"ed all the bet kinin remedies in the couniry th'int effect. Ihskedher totryyour Cutili h Khkdiks. Ooi her abottleof CuticUba üksoi.vkkt, and she tok it, and ha taken in all about els orseven bcltle, and now she is a well woman lo-day. Her -g ia entircly healed. and her healih wasnevfr bitter. She can go ont every day, ometh'njf ehe has mt done in ten yean so yon kit 1 cannot 1 clp statini; toyon abont yonr wonderful CUTIOURi Hkmkdiks. You have saved my moth' r's Ule I ciimot nnd words to eipross my EDWARD LUIDER, 1M5 Broadway, N. Y. CuTicfRA. the great kin cure, and Ooticura Soap, prepari'd from it, xtiTimlly. and CDlirl'RA Resolvent. the new blood puriflr, internally. are a poíitlve cu'e for cvery form of skin and blood diseases from pimples to scrofula. Sold everywhere. Prlcc: Ci'nrfRA, 50 cent; Soap, 25 cents: Re.soi.vknt, $i.0U. l'repnn d by the Potter Drug & Cukicl Co., Boston. CSHSend for "Ilow to Cure Skin Dll ¦¦¦," 61 pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimoniáis. DIRÍI'LES, blackheadí, chaped and oily skin I I IV1 prermted ty Ctmoua mkdicatkd soap. Sneezing Catarrh. The distreBBing neez", snoeze, sueeze, the acrld watery discharges from the eyes and nose, the painful Inflïmmatlon extendlns to the throat, the Bwelling of the mucous llning, causlnf? choking sensations, coagh, rlnKin' n'isc In the head and putting beadachCB- how familiar these symptoms are to thousands who pulTt-r perlodical from hcad coldsor Influenza, and who live in ik'uorance of stantaneous rtlicf. But thls treatmont in C1HI of simple CaJarrh eives but a laint Idea ot thi remedy will do in the chronic Ibrms, wbere the hreatbing Is obHtructcd hy choklng pulrid mucous accumulutions, the hearing effected. amell and taste troue, throat ulcerfcted and hacklne n.iiïh gradu illy fastenlDg iiself upon the debllltati-d IJitem. 1 hun it 18 that the murvelloiis carative power of Sanford b Radical Cl BI tn Dtreati H-i-if in Inatantaneotu and rateiul reüei. b -iring trom the flretappllcitlon. It )¦¦ rapld, radical, permanent, iconoinii'.il. and safe. Sandfokd's Radioai. CfitE conslsts of oce bottle of the Radical Cuke. one box of Oatabbbal Soi.vent, andone Impkovei) Iniialkh; prlcu l. Pottuk Daua and Chkmical Co., Boston. PAÏNS anilmora OF' 1 1: n i.i M. In-lantly rtllarad by the ( iillcura WQ Anli-l'aiii l'li.lrr, a ii u. 111. -i hÊW agreable. iuKtantnncoiw and infalliblo mfaK palii-killln!! piaster, especially ndapti'd OKfir to relieve Fem-ile PainB and W.alimBW ufase, Warranted nattj anperior tn all othcr piasters, and the most perfect Antidote ti Pain Inflammationand Wi-akiieísyetcnnipoiindi-d At all drugeists. 45 cents; 5 for $1.00; r, postaKC free, of Pottir Um!(i ani Cbkmhal 'o., B01ton, Mass.


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