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That Dreadful Boy

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l'm looking for a dreadful boy 1 1 toes iiiiybody know hlm?) V inisi' lcailiiiü all the other boys The way luey shouldn't go lu. I t ti lult 11 1 could flnd Umi lny 1VJ stop wliat he's a-doiut; - A In-Inging all the otlier boys To certaiu moral ruin. Then's Tommy Oreen, a growla' lad, 11 Is mother doee lnform roe, The way Unit he Is gettlng bad Would eertalnly alarm me. She feels tlie blnrne shmild rest pon John Bruwn-a recent corner- For Tommy was a lovely lad A year ago tbls summer. BiH when I spoke to Mrs. nrown Her In most soul was shaken, To ttalnk that Mrs. Oreen could be Bo very much mistaken. She dld assure me Johnny was A n good a chlld as any, Exoept lor hiirnlnK naughty thlngl Kruin Mrs. WhlUng';, Benny. Aud Mrs. Whltlng fretsbooause UI Mrs.BlHckhains Kreddy She feara he's tnught yoimn BenJ:imln Soine wicked trlcks alreiidy. Yet Fred Is such an luuocint (I have It trom hls mother) Ile wouldn't thlnk ofdulug wrong, Uutempted by another. Oh! when I ihink I've found Ihe boy Whoseways are so dlsgracln', I always learn lu's some one else, And llvcssome other place In. And IÍ we cannot senrch hlm out (Hewlll most dreadful pity!) Spollall the other boys wno othcrwlse Would ornament our city.


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