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A Negative Voice From Florida

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They li.ive local option down in the laúd of perpetwl bloom, but the sume story comes from tlif re as f rom Maine. The Orange Couuty Reporter of Jan. 12th, 1888, hoi tliis among other nrtlcle of similar import, l'ead it please: It wouUl scem that lp Orlando, at least, prohlbidon does not prohibit. It is claimed by those who ought to be well informed, that whisky is about as aceessible to the inltiated ns it was live years ago. The oiganization of club?, whose members can supply themselves with fluida by and through club organizations, bids fair to beconie quite popular with thoN who are inclined to be conyivial. There are many ways by whicli laws prohibiting the sale of intoxicating sjiirit are circumvented. It hal been so from the beginninfr, and doubtless wlll be so to the end. The Reporter does not believe that any less whisky is consumed in Orlando khan was consumed prior to the adoption ot the local option law, and it certalnly biila fair to be consumed about as openly as under theold 1 Ícense systoin. It is probable that tlie test of two years will demónstrate to the most rigid prohibltiontatl that the evils of whi-ky selling and whisky drinktng can be better controlled undera high license system than under a prohibitory law which does not and oannot prohibit.


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