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Michigan Republican League

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In aceordtince witta Ibc provisions o tlie Constituüon adopted by the Repub lican League of the United States, at it Convention, held in New York, Dec ïctli, 1887 a cali is hcrcby Isaued to the Republican Clubs of Mtahlgaa, to mee in (,'onvention at Detroit, FEHKIWKY 2M, AT 11 A. M. The objects of this Convention are to form a Kepublican League for the State of Michigan; to supervise and to encour age the formatlon of permanent clubs in every county; and to give a unity o .iction for cllective work in order thn sound Republican principios may bt estáblisbed nnd tnalntatned. BNCta club shH be entitled to as many delegates as it shall elect, but shall have only one vote. Wliere clubs are already existiog, thcy are requested to meet am elect delega tes; hile in those placel no baving a ciub'organization Republicaní are urged to forra one at once and sent representativos. Kligibility to memberHliip lo the League eonsists In the Hepub Hcan Club having a constitution and a incnibeisbh) of twenty. The animal banquet of the Michigan Club occurrlng in the evenlng wlll cali ïniuiy dlBtioguished Republicans to the city, and it is ezpected they II addresa the Convention. Every Kepublican s most tarnestly requested to see to it tl) at his county is represenled. Member Executive Commlttee for Michigan, Nutioual League. Vicc-I'resklenl lor Michigan of the National Ijeague.


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