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Republican Club Delegates

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The Washtennw County IJepnblican Club held :i meeting in this city, last Saturday, and seli-cted a large nnmber of (lelpgatcs to attend the state meeting to be held at Detroit on the 22d of February next. There was a goodly attendmce, and unich entlmsiasm appeared to prevadethe members. Aftersomediscussion of subjecta appqrtalnlng to the campaigD work, the following gentlemen weie selected as delegates to atteud the Detroit Convention : Augusta- Wm. Danalngburg, Norman Itedner. Hrldsewatpr- (eo. S. Ruwsoa. Dexter- Thos BIrkeU. Freedom- llenry Huehle, Emil Zenke. Lima- Oco. II. Mitcliell. Ixxll- A. A.Woml. (. s. Iloyt. Lradon- Cbas. Canfleld. ManelH'spr - A. K. Kreemnn. Northflekl- K. E. Lii'lund, A. D. Grove Plttsfleld- Win. Campbell, Morton F. Cato, Andrew Cinipbell, II. D. l'hitt. Salem- Geo. S. Whoeler. Saline- Kd. Aldrich. Mattbew Sceger. Sclo-llarris ball, John L. Smltli, L. W, Brlggs. Sharon- Mortlmor I,. Raymond. Superior- Orson II. oljp.r, James .Wilhur. svlvuii- Win. Judson, Jas. L. Ollbert, Fred. Vogel. Webster- W. E. Boyden, E. S. Cushman. York-Dr. l'vle. John V. Hlaueslee. Ypsllanti-J. 0. BemU, Br. W. H. Hall. Samuel Post, Wm,S. Otband, J. KvartSinlili, J. B. Wortley. Ur. F. K. Owen, K. D. Moreliouse, Henry lïoutelle, E. IÍ. Drury. Anu Arhor town- Plvart H. Scott, F. B. Braun, I. X. S. Koster, Jolm C. Mead. Ano Aröor city - I. K. Heul, J. K. Sumner, J. T. Jacobs. J. K, Lawrence, J. C. Knowlton, A. J.Sawyer, 3eo. H. Pond, K. D, Klune. K. B. Abel, H. S. Deun, Jeroine Freeinau. 1 N1.K1TY CLUB DELEGATES . The following centiemen liave been cliosen from the Hcpiiblioan club of the University to altend the state meeting at Detroit, Ffb. 22d: II. H. Dewey, J. X. McBride, F. H. Abbott, E. !:. Eddy.O. A. Read, O. ï. Gamble. James Obalmen, E. k. Branden, w. 11. Herben, J. W. Bowen r. F, Etemy, ]:. L. Miller, W. G. llnliiiard, II. M. D ( '. ( 'orlirao, A. B. Clark, M. e. KleiniíiK, H. M. Holmes, (i. H. Mltobell. A. T. Oooper, E. W. Seldmore, C. G. Uawton, C. W. VermlllloD, r. F. Gosbey. The club haal85 memben. Tliey are runnleg a red bot campaign on snow slioes u( in the U. I'. Seymour will treeze out Breen, howevcr, in the end.


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