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Congressman Allen is using liis bes efto...

Congressman Allen is using liis bes efto... image
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Congressman Allen is using liis bes eftorts to get a school for tlie dusky re( 111:111 established in this state like unto tli one at Carüfle, Pa. It is to be hoped h may succeed. Bythe-way, the pnblic would be plca3et to lêarn the views of the Ann Arbor Ar gu8 upon the question of local optton That paper seems to handle the subjec very gingerly. The Michigan Central hns recentl ordered a large nuuiber of freight car titted with steani brakes and in the sprin will put on a fast freight line to carr perishable goods, the train niaking nearl; as rood time as a fast express. The people of this coiinty at the l.-is general election had their choice in tii oflice of county coroner, between Dr. O C. Jenkins and Col. Henry S. Dean, bot of tliis city. They chose Mr. Jenkins b several hundred majority. Now thei choice lias disappeared nnder oireiim stances n"t very pleasant to dweil upon While Col. Dean did not spek or desir the office, would not the people have bee wise to have made a choice ol hiir. If there is one fool's trick worse tha another it is the prnctice of pullin? person's chair out from under him as h is ibout sitting down. Children an people of lifiht weight are not exposei to inucli danger f rom it; bilt even the hare sustained injuries to the head urn spine, but the chances of harin to an adul and especially an elderly or heavy per son, are very serious. Á victim to thl so-called "joke" was buried in Brookly the other day. Nearly all doctors of ex perience have known of severe if no fntal injuries from this silly busiiess.- Knterprise. Uead the Two Sams adverliscment fas this week.


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