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J. E. Harkinsis to move bis store two do...

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J. E. Harkinsis to move bis store two doors west. Must have more room. It is now Ah-tuen instead of Amen, at least the clergy of Detroit so proiiounce it. Adell)ert Colllnf paid costs of snit last Friday for being drank in Justice Pond's court. All brass goods have gone up . The fire In the Calumet and Hccla mine is the cause. Rev. Henry P. Collin, of Coldwater, will preach at the Piesbyterian church next Sundny. Oaisy Britton applleg for divoree from Win. lïritton, on the groiind of aduHcry. Ypsilanti parties. The expresa cbargei for eonveying the hi)dy oí Mr. Williams from San Francisco, Cal , to Ann Arbor were $154.00. The employés, of Wlnea & Worden's store were liaudsouiely entertalned by Mr. Wines at hls resulence last Frldayevening. There will be a meeting ol onimittees on fruit - exchange and fruit (bttlttlca next Saturday at 2 p. in. slmrp in basi'nient of the court house. At the musqucr ide at Saline last Friday nitrht there were 22 couple in mask froin Ann Arbor. Sonie 30 couple altogether went over th it night. A farmer living near Ann Arbor mji he once lived ici Dakota, and daring a blizzard rode a horse 20 miles without " seeing bis head (the horse's head). The CouitiER called it the "Legión of Honor" that met at Gen. Alger's last week, and the ulher city papers did likewi8e, but it was the "Loyal Legión" in 8tead. All the F. an,l A. IC. lodges in Washtenaw county are suii.insncd to appeur at a lodge of instruction to be held at nasonlc temple in this city, cm the érenlos of Feb. 16th. Last Friday night burglan broke into the residence, ïio. 19 N. Üniversity Ave., and stole tivo pocket bonks and $11.85 In money belonging to a student named Vincent Baylis. Dr. A. C. Nichols bas rente! the office frmerly occupied by Dr. Jenkuis, over Andrews & Co.'s store, and opent thereiu a brand) of Nichols Brits, dental parlors, commencing business Monday. Here'a succjss to the brauch. Air. Thomas J. Villers, of Kochester Theologïcal öeminary, New York, will occupy the pulpit ol the Fiist Baptist church, on Stinday, 12th, preaching before the Young People's Öociely in the eveniug. All the supervisors of the county have settled wlth the county treasurer except those of Ann Arbor city, Ypsilanti city and 8cio. Lyndon was the lirst to come ín. The towns returnin;; a clean roll - all taxes collected- nre Lyndon, Webster, Superior, Lima and Salem. E. C. Warner, secretary of the board of county school examiners, announces that there will be au examlnation for third grade eertüieates at the Court House, on Feb. 17th, at which time the board wish to meet as many as possible who deslíe to obtaln third grade certilicates. Deputy Clerk Broivn was out of town last Friday, and inquiry at the county clerk's office brought thfi information that he must be either in Ciliada or perhaps In search ol the missing coroner of the county. P. S. He returned yesterday looking as unconcerned as usual. It may not be generally know that when a maple tree ig bruised it ncver heals but decays, andthat insects attracted by the sweet sap pradually eat into the heartofthetree and kill it.- Ex. People who are too shiflless to tie their horses to a post, but allow theni to gnaw our handsome shade trees, ought to be made to replace the trees their horses destroy, and to pay dam ages besides. Mrs. lierman Schade, of Ypsilanti, died last Saturday morning, aged about 70 years. Mis. Schade owned by a lifelease the block occupied by Watts' jewelery store, and L. Oruner's shoe store, which will now go to the heirs of the famlly. In this con neetion it mlght not be out of place to state that B. F. Watts has paid to Mrs. Schade rent for the same store since 1855, a good long time. The dece8ed will be well remembered by ourolderinhabitants. The reinalns were brought to this city for interment Monday. Last week we publishcd an account of the mysterious disappearance of Rev. Theodore Haven. The latest information tel Is us that a thorough senrch, by his brntber Dr. A. C. Haven, of Evanston, III.. bas failed to secure the least trxce. To add to the family's aflüction, nnother In-other, Otls E. Haven, of Lake Forest, UI., has died. The fumlly so well known to Ann Arbor people, have great sympathy exprcssed for thein. Lr. Otls Haven, whose death is announced above, was a son-in-law of Andrew ,1. Sutherland, and had many warm frieuds in this communilv. Last Monday a serious accident occurred in the M. C. K. R yards of this city by which Oiistiv Vogel a section hand will probably lose his Ufe. lie was woiking iiDOn the tmck near the T. & A. A. overhead crossing, when a switch engine approached. Stepping buckward to let it pass he stepped directly on the track upon wliich the Grand Hapids express bound east was coming in, was etruck, and badly injured. His tiead was crushed, a deep gasli cut in bis rigbt slde, Hnd his right arm so injured that smputation at the shoulder became necf-ssary. which was performcd by Dr. Hendricks. Slnce tlie above was writtn the unfortunate man has died, bis deatn occurring yesterday morning. He was a resident of the 3J ward, and leaves a wlfe and three young chlldren, we are informed.


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