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Gibaon plintographs the senior medies The Argonaut calis it the "Legión o Honor," nlso. Chas. líecd, law "87, looates In Dallas Texas, with another fellow. The Parlumentary Club buis fair to b a success saj'8 the Clnonicle. The Unlverslty, of Pennqrlvaola has bad $100,000 giren ts llbrary. .1. E. Oarprater and G. L Munn botl lit. '88, sail for Eorope next mouth. A delighlfiil reception w:is givon at the Beta Theta Pi house Friday evening. The Colurabia college dramatic club netled f 1,000 from IWO en tort nin n t . On Friday, Febrnary 17lh the Glee club wil] charm the ears of Owossoians Dr. Arndt proposes to quizz the balance of the semester in place of lecturing The lawi are very mucli pleaseil will Prof. GiMllth's lectures upon "Mlnini Law." Goodyear gave the boys in the new dUsecting rooms a clock whlch was put up Friday. It was received with three cheerg. Studentsat Jolnis Hopklna muit take a course in gymnastics before obtaining a degree. Miss Susie Clark, '91, and L W. Holiday, "89, of Chicago, married at Ypsilanti recently. The graduating coitnma of the ladies in the class this year will be quite elabórate, it is said. There were so many rides, pai ties, etc, last Friday night, thnt no one reporter could keep the tally. Prof. Wulter Miller haa been attending the Y. M. C. A. State ronventlon at K damazoo daring the past week. The Microscópica! department of the Pharniaeeutical Era, pablUbed at Detroit isedited by Mrs. Prof. Stowell. There is much complalnt of the nonsupport and decay of the Student's Lecture Association reading room. Prof. McLftehlftn eaught some of liis students by exehanging places with his lecture and quiz hours, last week. Base hall practlce at ttie rink, Saturduy mornings. Lovers of the diamond are requested to remember the fact. Dr. Alt'X Wincbell delivers a series of three lectures in the lirooklyu Instituir this month ou the 5th, 12th, and 17th. The Tnlverfity heating apparatus eats er day. Besides that 200 cords of wooi] per year are consumed. The republican club has 183 members, and 25 of Ihem will give the banquet at Detroit on the 22J, the "benefit of the U. of M. yell. Messrs. Abbott, Dewey and Whltman, junlors; Bates, sopliomore; and Caulkin?, freahman, were elected as editora of the Argouaut Saturday. Wednesday evening last another tire started In the chemical laboratory. and ;our tables were burned up before the lames were exttnxuUhed. The first annual report of the Interstate Commerce Commission, of which Judge Cooley is president, covers 332 lages, and is boiog dlstributéd. The "University" piiblMted n N. Y. Züry, offers $2."iO for the best proae and ilso for the best poetioal prpdnotlon, lo e conpleted on or before July lst. gjof. Hennequin and F. W. Seott, '8-1, vi 11 wrlte a play cntitled " World'a Wages " for Minnie Maddern. to be )iought out next March in New York. , is stated tliat President Angelí will irobably give his ourse in International Luw the Doming aemester, In of Hi-iory of Treatles vrhlch is on the slate. Coinmissioner Angelí and wife dined with President Cleveland and wife last Wednesday. No politici! signitic.ince to hls fact, though the converaatloo inight ïavebeen somevrhat tisliy. President Angelí is a member of the committee to award prize to be given for stories to be written for for the SVide Awake br D. Lothrop & C ., Boston. Kdward E. Hale and Maurice Thompson are the otlier members. It is generally understood that the uniors are negotiating with Mrs. Arndt ,o secure lier regular attendance at Hat. Mei. lectures. Tliey tUink Prof. Arndt s more considérate of their feelings when she is present. - ('hronicle. Mrs. B. Whitehead, an old resident of Anu Arbor, and for st'veral years n ' mother '' for the Delta Kappa Kpsilon 'raternity boys, died on Kriday last, at ïer home in Genera, Oliio. The remains were taken to her old home in New York tate for interinent. Andrew C. Robeson, of Greenville, Oliio, one of the Chronicle editors In S84"), has been in the city during the week sreetlng hlalong list of old friends. Mr. Robeson is now prarticing law, and las t lic air of one who is prospering. Living )(l8t foruied a pirtnershii with he retiring judge ol' liis district, lie hopes o push his practice still further. Of Prof. Knowlton's new law work 'Anson on Gontracts," the Chronicle law lepartment editor says: "The book is he most thoruugh and conclse treatment of the principies of contract ever pubished, and is made mueh more valuable han ever by the ab'e notes. Jrof. Knowlton lias refl 'Cted great credit ïot only upon him-elt, but also the law epartment." The Chronicle suggests that the eccenric and imitative geniuses among the tudents combine for a grand minstrel how to aid the gymnasium, and makes he rasb statement that a lady had already ipplled for the plac of end man(?j Such n entertainment interspersed with local lits would draw wonderfully well. All eference to "T. Willie," should be ternly tabooed, however. It is whlspered that if Dr. Maclean nsists upon agitatiiig the question of einoval of a portion of the medical devirtment of the University as it is laimi'd he intends doing, and as he did ast year, that the regents will enforce lie rule compelling professors in the ¦arlous departnients to reside in this city. Ast yeai's agitation sowed many seeds f discontent unnecessarily, aud caused tie loes of inore than half a bundred tudents to the University. Jas. A. Robison, was up from Detroit and spent Sunday wltb bis parante. James K mr, who lias been on the ree delivery route for eeven months teady, is taking a tvvo weeks rest. K. Saulsbury oí' Urania, fornerly postïaster of Nora, for many years a reader f tlie Coi.KiKH, was in the city Frlday makiug tlils olt'tee a pleasant cali. Elias Ctilver. one of Ann Arbor's 'anious "Secret ít" of "tbe days when we vere boys," is in the city reethii; lus lany 1-I f rienda. He resides in Mason. A famlly reunión wis held at the re&ience of Mr. Conrad Bisslnsrer on West jtberty st., last Thurtday, in honor of his Oth birthday. He is one of the olik'st )ioneers of Washteuaw county. Preston J. Parshall, of Wayne, and ilis-i Kamta Benham, of this city, were married Wodnesday afternoon bist, at lie rcsidence of the brlde's parents, Mr. nd Mrs. S. O. Benham, No, 32 E. Librty st., Kev. Dr. Earp otllciating. There has been only two deaths at the oor houíe duriiií the past year froni 'Vb. lat, '87, to Feb. lst, '8S. The lowett eath rate kinwu in years. Is not tliis 'act of itti-lf a refiitutioii of the i-Umlers eccntly hatched up against the management for politica] purpose.-v City Marshal Sipley went to Lansing 'esterday wltb two oolored boyt sent to be Reform school bjrJuctiee Frueauff. tobert Trtylor aeil 13, and Allen Webb Ked 14. The niitboiities woulil not take Webb claiuiing him to be deuiented. He had been sent there several limes before from different counties. The deed to the Tappan Pmbyterlan Huil Assoclation, of the pioperty known to tbe older Inhabrtante of the city as the Ezra C. Seaman homesteaü, at tbe corner of State aml lluron sta , has been recorded in the office of the register of deeds, by Mrs. II. L. Sackctt, by whom k waa given in trust, for tbe use of said society. It Is given as a memorial of Mrs. Sackett's ouly son, VVulter A. Sickett.


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