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A Model Newspaper THE NEW YORK MAILANDEIPRESS The Advocate of the Best Interests of the Iloine - The I: y of the Saloon. The 1 r r.i!, 1 of A morlcan Labor. The Fuvorlte Nsnspaper of People of Rcflned Taaiaa Everywhere. Tbe New York MAIL AND EXPRESS, the favorito American newspaper of many peopic f Intelligent ma cuiuvuumI tastos, kus recent ly mailo somo uotoworthy ImpiDTementa, mj. TTn1li Innrnaainj Iti gnnnTnl exoaUenoe. it is in tho broadest souao A National Newspaper, most carefully edlted, and adapted to tho wants anrl tastes of iutelliKentreaders tbroughout the cutiré country- North. Bontll, Eaa( and West It ia a thorouehly clean paper, free frnm theoorruptinir, seiisatiiHial and demoralizinstrash, ïuiscaiici ni'ïs, whiih deflles tbc pa;ea of too many oitypapers. OUR POLITICS. V.'c uelieve the Hrpublican party to bo the trun instrument of the POLITICA!, I'ROf!. RËSSof tho American pooplo; and holding Hint thn boncsi onforcoment of its pnne)ple i I the bost HWUlu of tiio iiatioual welfare, wc ¦liall support themwitb all our inisht; bnt ro tliall ahvay.s tri-at opposiu.í partios wttb ronaiduiatiou and fair play. AGAINST THE SALOON. Tho MAIL AND EXPRESS is tlio KOOgnlzed Xnlional orgau of tlio preat Autl-Saloon Ro puUcan movcment It bellevcs that t!io liquor tralflo asitexists to-day in tin L'nlted States is the encmy of Booloty, ;i fnütful sourcoof eornipiiou Iu polltiog, tbo allyof annrcny, a school of crlinc, and, wiih ltsuvowed pniposa of soeUin; to eorriiptly control cloctioaa and le?lslation, la n v,.r..-. ¦.¦ i , tbe public welfare and descrws tin , o üoaof allLood men. endfor Sample Copy They arr nent frre totill whoappl srscninioN BATES.- Wbbkxy, peí jvar, SI. 00; x montllsi, ) oenta; iha-r n nnllu, 30 conto. D'.n.v, per ycar. !( 0(: !-t moDtha.CS ;o threo monlu, l BO; uiontU, r..) cents. V.'.Lf MlJLE l'KEMIUMS are (,-ivi'ii to all inbaoitiMN wd nwtp v.c want a good asmt In evats tawa nnd vlllage wbcra we haro not ono now at wprfc Send tor imr ¦=po':ii rircuiur to Abanta and seo onr jelui offers. You Can Make Money liy nrccptinK onr Cash Conimlssi.m olt'cr.s nr wiirkln-i forour valuublo mul pepDlai premiBtia Addiess the MAIL AM) KXl'KK-S, ,.w , TorS City. I


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