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HlsOMc niRBCTORÏ. A.ïN ARBor Comm andkry, No. 1S meets flrHt Tuesday of each moutb, W. W. NlchoU, E. C.; W. A. Tolchard. Recorder. Washtknaw Ohafter, No. 6, R A. M.- Meets Hr-i Moiulay each montb. J. L. sione. H P.; Z. Routh. Secretary. BUSINESS CARDS. DR. C. HOWELL, PHYSICIAN OrFicB, Room 4, Masonic Bi.ock. Offlee liours : to 12 ; a tO 6 p. m. DR. H. R. ARNDT, PH.YSICIA.ISr Okfk-e Over First National, Bank. Hoürs at Offick: 10:30to 12 a. ra.; 2:30 to S:iO d. ra. Can be reached at reslilence (West Huron street, the "Prof. Ntchol place") by telephone, No. 97, and wlll reply to calis In the evenlng. WILLIAM HERZ, House, Sign, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Paperinu, UUzint?, i.ildniL', and Calciminlne, nd work of every dcriutlon done in the best style, and w&rrauted to give satlsfaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor. W. W, & A. C. NICHOLB, DE1TTISTS. Imu Over Ann Arbor Saïings Bank, Miisoiiic Temple Kloek. GAS or VITALIZED AIR A'liaiiiistcrt'd far the patuleas extractlon oí tt-eth. CLOTH CiSKETS, METALIC And Ootnmon Colnna. Calis attented to Day or Niu'liL. JOrnbïilniIng a specialty. Storeruoiu on K. Washington siroet. Resldence Cor. Liberty and Klflh. V. II. JACKSOSI, JDIIESIIÏWIITIIIIISIITIL OFFICE : jrer Bach & AbeI's Dry Good Store. Kut ranee next to National Bank. ID THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ Ia TRUTHS F0RTHES1CK-I "TTTTiriT il.-aihlyl TTTÏrtTwnl lio :ildll BlMonsRpelIsdepend foracaewlietSi i. III OHM I.I'III ;uISIT1KUS II1IIR HITTKKS ll It fflll cure yon. notnaslstorcure. nJ n .„r..-,.1; '"¦'-¦¦¦ f""3t jthttiredandallgoiip Cleansethe viti:itel llfeclin(t; if so, nse i,i,,0,i when yoa m-i-III III.Sui.i'iiitR Bitters; ta imimritles Inirst III II il. will ciire Tou. nffthrough the aklnlll lll"7mT!iïivï!T:h7arë '" l'imples, BlutchesJ ¦ Qthe milis and Sl'TP1""i,hBj.ïï%I1E3 ¦hop;cleTk,whodo j""1 xMh wl" ioli Illnot procure 8Uflirient III ¦exerclae,(tDdallwbo bulpbd HittkusI I MaremiifliK'diniloor, wln ,.„,.,. i.fver Com-l Illshould OM m i.rin it l,..;nt innt iH illa II ¦sbSS3 gWSMRSl öslr'klv. _" f vi'U lid !i"t wíkIi m[ .ljI'11,lV't 1Mt'1lll I Ito mi (Turf rom wil l"111'1 ul' an I I latlsm, use a botte of '"'- you strongandl II lli i. liiiit Bitters ; hralthvIII ¦Illt niv.r fails lo.iir. SULPHTTB BnTBMM rn Don1 ¦ without u will make yourbloodj ábottle. Try lt; you pure, rich and strong.U Hl will iint rcr't lt. :i'l your flesh hard. Ijl Hl i ! ! .¦. i i i i-.ii i: K; i Hl Illbealth, vlm are all ikks to-Blght, anillll lrun down, Rhoulfl UHC you wlll Bleep welllll HlStr.riiru Iíittkrs. liml fc'l lictter furlt.UI Do you want the ES Meilical Work pulilishwl? S 1 3 'J i-i-iit stamps to A. 1'. iiidwav & Co Boston, Mass., and leceive a copy, (ree. BlBlRSHÜF! OVKR THE I POSTOFFICE, (1O0D Clean Shavss d Baihs ! AT A Reduction in Prices. Ladies' Special Bath Rooms. L KAHOE, - Prop. Come around and wash once in a while. It will do you good, take away bad smells and lengthen your Ufe. !" S5.000 REWARD - Will be freely given fo t B_ a btttcr remedy lor Htad H ache, Nervousness, Sleep WÍ 2% Kssness Sc -.Ulan Ir. Mllen WlWL Kmtor.tlte Nenlnc, i WJ Brain and Nerve foixl Contains no Opium or Mor phioe. Sold by DruggisU. Sample Bottles Free


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