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Real Estate Transfers

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Chas, il. Wllson to Isabell Morton Augusta $ 300 Leouhard Orunor lo John & Catharlne Kocli, Aun Arbor 300 Hudson T. Morton to Mrs. C. H. Kenny Ann Arbor 40 Esther A Donaldon to Menry Vanwater et al., deeree ass't ol Geo. Li. Underkercher to Chase & Valentlne, Manchester 400 Geo. L. Underkercher by SherlfftoCnase Valentina, Manchester 200 Wm.H. & Sarah Gray to Wm. R.Mouot, Sbaron 400 Fred'k Stabler to Margaret Wagner.Ann Arbor ï5D Wm. H. Collins to Allen B. Skldmore, Liyndon 490 A. D. Crane to Helen L. Crane et al., Dexter 15 Ellen L. Washburn to Jas. D. Duncan, Ann Arbor 2,000 Fred I,. Thompson to Qeo. C. Cooper, Ypsllanti f 1 Abram Maybee to August & Chas. Freíbear, Augusta 1,600 Lewls C. Hunt to Robt. H. Hunt, Ann Arbor 1,500 Margaret II. Frederlck to Cha. Brown, Salein 80 Josepn Wllson to Bomer F. Brown, Salem iso John O. Koch to Wm. Hall, Pittsfleld.. 11,100 Ephrlam Judd by heirs to Alfred Acton, York 1 Wm. Burke to A. R. Hammond, Plttsfleld 300 Adam D. Seyler to Jas. C. & Julia B. Wood, Ann Arbor 4,750 A. & Jennie C. DeForest to Albert M. Clark 4,000 Lucy W. S. Morgan to Hudson T. Morton 8 Amelia Glover to Glover & Hood, Saline 1,500 Lucy Ann Clark to Wood & Cooper, Chelsea 7: