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A Misrepresentation

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The Ann Arbor correspondent to tli Detroit Journal on election ilay workec uimself np to such a pltch that possibly he got to believe some of the rot wliicl he sent in to that paper. For instance, he proclaims that Ann Arbor bas "forty ïrlnUng place?, or one bar for every 200 inhabitants- a ratio that is probably no reaehed in any otlier town in southeri Michigan.1' Now if the above were a fact il would be no true friend of Ann Arboi who woiild scream it in so pulili a manner as to be heard all over the state, tlius warnlng away those who would come here to college. But whcn it ia a lie the untruth is unpardonable, and Ann Arbor ehould see to it that the wanton defamers of her fair name be silenced and their falselioods branded. In the lirst place Ann Arbor has not forty drinking places, nor has she a bar for every 200 inhabitants. nor a ratio above every otber city in southern Michigan. There are thirty-five saloons where there used to be over eighty, under proliibilion. There are 10,000 residents, 2,000 Ptutlents and 600 persons in the city o.very day as visitots, as traders and as ]i .iticnts. So tberc is scarcely a Baldon for every 360 persons in the city, a much bctter ratio th;in most cities can sliow, and with the llcense ralsed to $500 next April, we BXpect not to sec more tlmn one bar for every 000.


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