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The niugwumps in New York are running down blll. Cleveland would like to do that job pretty well hlmsetf, Neal Dow, the great Malne prohibition apostle, has been nominated by the democrats for miyor or Bmgor. How ii that for high? All of the "social clubs" in prohibition counties wlll have to pay the government tax. Man y of thetn have Hlready coinplled with the ruling. That most excellent of farm journals, the Michigan Farmer, published In Detroit, is to be issued on Saturday hereufler instead of Monday. It is one of the best papers for the farmers publislied in America or any other country. How many of our democratie friemls have h;id the candor to state while crowing over the recent special election in the llth district, that Mr. Kreet) is a Knight of Labor, and a notorious protectionht ? He spit opon Cleveland's free trade message. Hesides prohibition, Coldwatcr has, according to Sundsy Life, a society known as the " Bachelor's Defensivo Union,' formeel for the purpose of protecting its DMhftll and yirtuous old young meu trom the wiles of the deceitful and designing Coklwater niaidens during the terrible leiip year. Oracious! The city of Newark, N. J. relates her experience in tarift' reduction. A few years ago 2,000 of her people were engaged in the manufacture of pearl but tons. To-day less than 600 people o Newark find cinployment In button-mak Ing.- CatBkill (X. Y.) Exuminer. The English aud Canadian government8have ordered tlie Canadian f routier fotts put In good condition, and are arranging for the erection of extensive fortitications aloug the saine. What is our government doing y Nothing! Sim ply settiog with its band In its pocket and érying " wlmt shall I do with all the money I've got?" The Dominion authorities, on silgues tion of the English gorernment, are ar ranglng for the strengthening of strategie polnis on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and on the lake frontier. The littlc cjues tion of coast defenses mtght be lookec IntO by the U. S. govermnenr, also without doing any particular damage - Fentou Independent. Oen. Alger's presldenlml boom recelveil an linloi-aement oía ntrlklngly uuquiillfled lm rattxer unluuo nature. Oue 01 the lales wlilsky "social clubs"that lias flled luarllcle of iiii'iirp ir.itniM at the necreury of state's oftlce is rum. . 1 the Alger club. - I„ansing Journal. That item is sitnply a fl it falsehood told by the Journal merely to becunning probably. Tliere is no such club in ex istence. C. H. Chapman of Detroit asserta anc ofl'ers to prove thut the democrats spen f100,000 in the llth district to elee Breen and defeal öeymour. No one doubts bul that they"squandered au imBMBM sum there. But corruptiou is no ahvays successful, and it is to be hope that a repetltlon of inch dishonorable am dUgracetul proceedlngg wlll not be reponed g-iin very soon. Tlic iiiitioiiul democratie convention bei beet) ealled to meet in st. Louis, on June 'M. If the demócrata ever had any chance to eleet their next president they have thrown it away. Chicago is where Buccessful candidates are nominated Please remember this prediction. The democratie party should remember the late of Tilden and Hancock, both ol whorn were nominated at St. Lonis. About as sound an ediicatlonal plat. lona as can be dtatred, is giren by Uev. C. H. Paikhiirst in the Maren Forum, as follows: "l ii order to the common weal there aro, in general, four tilinga that an ailult, man or wornan, ought to know: four thlngs, therefore, that the state ought to see that its children have a fair opportunity to learn, viz.: to thlnk, to work, to beliave, and to love their country." The prompt untence tosute prtoon for life of tWO or throe brutes iu different parta of the state, under the new law lixing the uge of consent at 14 years, will undmibU'd'y have a good efeot upon otliei-s of the class who wek the destruction of littlc glrls, and tlien sneak out of their crimes on the plea of having obtalncd consent. That surplus bothers a great many people. We have had a democractic congress for a dozen years or more; we have a democratie president, and have had for over three years. Why don't they do gómething to reduce that surplus ? Teople in their private business, f they are bontst, pay tlieir debts when they have plenty of money to pay with. Why don't the government pay lts debts? Or wonldn't that be democratie!1 The Detroit Evenlng News carne out Saumlay enlarged to eight columnp, priuted with new type, and on a new Potter Scott web press that runs thein off cut, folded and papted at the rate of 25,000 per hour. This increases the facility of the News pressea to 100.000 per hour. The News is pretty thoroujfhly alive, and piobaOly has the best IHted oiBce in the west. If the thiid paity leaders could succeed in defeating the republicans of Micliigan and place the democratie party in power their cup of joy would be about full. They would be still more rejoiced if they could make the next legislature democratie. This would glve " the saloon in politics" full swing. Local option and liigh tax would tlien be repealed and low tix, which meano free whisky, would be the rusult. To tliis end are the third party bosses workiug. Tocall snch men friendi of tempéranos would be to libel the cause. - Tribune. The Hon. John P. Finnerty Is being misqnoted by the democractic papers and by democrats generally. The Free Press probably did it purposely. In his address bel'ore the Hepublican Club at Detroit, ho used these words: "In a national sense, the worst rcpublican in the preildentM chair U better than the bet) democrat." His words have been tortured in to the statement that the "worst republlcan Is better than the best democrat.1' Síiid a strong democrat to the writer a d.iy or so since: ' With Blaine out of the field, in my opinión Gen. Alger would be the strongest candidate the republicans could nomínate. He never made any enemies in hll party, and his noble charities have made him jiopular. Why, slr, the fact of his takiug those )oor boys in Detroit ind putiing clothes on their backs and shocs on their feet wonld tind its way into every home in bis tinion; it would rly like lightnlng, ind make thontand of votes, for people' idmlre ¦ man who does good with the wnltli he possesses. And Gen. Alger would cmII about him a good class of urn, and give the country a good adminstration. Ifl was a republican I would boom Gen. Alger from now until the convention met." Tlien flll out the ticket with Senator Hawley !


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