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A- stands for Action, whlch maken business raove, D-for the Daan whlch ne'ergets In a groove; V- stands for Vira, whlch e'er leads to sucOM, E- for the Energy hiKtlers possess; K- stands for Reason, to whlch good sense ylelds. T- stands for Type whlch the world's sceptre wlelds; I- stands for Industry, handmald of thrlft, ti- for Uie Sales whlch don'tcomeas a glft; I- .stands for Indolence. man's greatettt curse, K- for the Nothlng Ín Lazybones' purse; ti- stauds for üold, whlch you all waut to get: for Putlonee, which blds you not fret, A- for Ailvire that you keep out of dett; V- stands lor You, sir, wbom thus I advUe, H- for buccess if you bul advertlse. - [üolumbus Dlspttcli. Tomorrow is spring ! K. T. Oommindery election next week Tuesdaj'. If you want any polnt on soft soap cali on Herman lint. '1. Collins & Atnsden liave dlssolved partner-hip ag:iin, each one golng il ulone. E. B. Lewis has rented the Speeclily ííallery and goes into business again soon. The Courier wlll not be issued again on tlit' 2'.Kh ilny of Kebruary, during this century. BC C. Slieelian rejoices in the advent of a 10. Ib girl who canm to nis home yesterilay to stay. There is said to be a great deuiand for rubber boots, etc. now - cause it's so wet in thia i-ounty. Christian Mack has recelved liis regular anoual election as director of the Micli. Fire and Marine Ins. Co. The Alger boom seems to be troubling our democratie friends very mnch. They don't appear to relish itsomeway. Hev. W. IJ. Mill.ird, of St. Clair, wlll occupy the pulpit ot the Presbyterian church sext Suiiday, both innrning and evening. Anybody wanting to buy feet will flnd "about forty " of them for sale, by W. W. Wh;don, according to a sign on EAnn st. Chas. M. Root, of thls place, but now of Monnioiith, III., was married on the 15th inst., to Miss Maggie Kennedy, oí that place. W. E. Wiilker, more familiarly known as Eil , will liuild a new residence upon liis 1 )t, cor. Washington and 12th sts., this spring. The Wasbtenaw boys found Charlie Woodwaid at the Brunswick in Detroit, last week luoking as good natured and genial ás of old. Thcre was a strifi; between the moon and the electie lights Sunday evening but the moon came out ahead in point of briglitness. Quite a luxury to have bothDavid Hennlng, of this eity and Clilcago, has given $1,000 to the endowinent of Akeley college, Grand Haven. Bishop Oilleppie has given $500 for the satne purpose. Prof. Hinsdale, successor to Prof.Payne, not only takes his place in callege but also in the Presbyterlan liible class, held after the Sunday morning service. Walter Miller at the same honr has a class in the study of the Greek testament. Notice has been received in the city, of the deatu of Mrs. Francés A. Ilobart, at her home in BigRapids, on Sunday, Feb. 2Sth, aged 08 years, 8 months. Funeral services were held frora the Presbyterian church, In that city yesterday. Mr. Ilobart was a former resident of thls city, the mother of Scott Hobart, for 20 mauy years a clerk in Dean & Co.'s store. There was some excitement at the 2d ward polls Monday, owing to a difference of opinión ar8ing between some of the anti-local option workers there and some of tlic stirdenta who went there to electioneer. Thlnga looked pretty hot for a time, and we believe a few blows were xchanged, hut the whole affalr bas been exaggerated largely. The crowd that Kathered was a big one, and had It not been for the wise and energetic coungels of Sheriff Walsh, Chief Sipley, Herman Hutzel, ;x-Mayor Kapp and a number of students whose namen we did not learn, there might have been considerable of a hattle. Boch thlngs are to be deplored, and woiild probably not occur very often dW not men allow themëelves to become unduly excited over election controversiec There ni;iy have been blame upon both sides, and there probably was, but one thing is certain, It takes two to make aquarrel, and our 2d ward people never go into other wards than their own, and no trouhli! would have occurred, had not the boys went where tbey were. The people at that preclnct say that they never go to the University or interfere in anymanner with University affairs, and do not care to be interfered wlth by those who are not citizens or tax payéis. Mouthly niectlngg of tlie Pomológica! Society next Saturday p. ui. Do not fail to remeoiber It. Eugene Helber, of Saline expects to go to Kngland in a few inmitlis to pinchase some blooded stock. The extreme cold weather of Sunday prevented much electioneering on both sides of the question. Our local fruit growers assert that fruit buds of all kinds have not been injured any as yet. Good news. This is the last month, last week, and last day In t'.ie week of winter. To-morrow is spring. Listen to the singing of the birds - in the cajees. The Ann Arbor school of Pedagogy is to hold its session in this city in August next, from the 4th to the 19th, when Prof Payne will be present. Mrg. Nathan Keith, uu old resident of Dexter, died this rnornlng of pneumonia. She was mothur to Mr?. Eugene E. Beal, and sister to George H. and Miss Abbie Pond, of tlils city. These sudden changes in the weather from quite mild to extremely cold Is what kills the winter wheat, and unless It stoi8 before long will ruin fruit buds also. The Huron river w:is more than "full" nfter the rain last Snturday morning. It was quite a sijjht to see the anijry waters "rushing.'1 Better than a postofflee rush by a long way. Mr. Harry Wyeth, a lit. student, of the Psi U. persuasión, is to be niarried next Wednesday, Maren 7th, to Miss Daisy Kichardson, of this city. It is understood that the coup'e will take up their residence in Florida. Ulitz & Langsdorf have opened a brunch store In Alpena, where the forraer has gone to give it a starter. Alpena s a flourlshing city and it must be a good )oint for clothing houses, for it takes lots of clothes to keep one warm up there. Volapuk for bride is j i jam. Now isn't hat musical ? Jmt think of saying "Oh ! hou sweet and lovely ji jam, come to my arms, that I may impress upon thy ruby ipe kiss?" and she in return " thou cans't not noble jira jam," - whicli is upposed to be Volapuk for bridegroom. ¦"or a spell yet we shall cling to Engllsh. The registration in this city shows a good healthy growth. The immbers added and stricken off In the various vards were as follows : Ist waid, 105 minos aildeil, 19 stricken off; 2d ward, 75 added, 25 stricken off; 3d ward, 77 added, 32 stricken off; 4th ward, 94 added, 107 tricken off; fith ward il ad'led, .'4 stricken oil'. A. L. Noble a to extenil hl s store back íi) feet. Seven feet of tlie new extensión vill be addèd to the lint a mi cap departnent and 23 feet will be devoted to boy's and children's clothing, and the second story will be used for packinjr and openng goods. Mr. Henry Bllton has tlie contract for buil dlng this additlon, and be work will proceed as soon as the weather will permit. Judge Putnam speaking of the reading of books saya: "It is the books we rend jcfore inlddle life that do most to mould our cbaractera and hifluence our lives; he books tliat are witli us in the leisure of youth, that we love for a time not only witb the entbusiasin but witti somehinjr of the exclusiveues8 of a h'rst love, are tho?e that enter in as factors forever n our mental life." John Widmann, who llves about two miles south of this city was seriously if not fatally stabbed by a man nnmcd Jacob Waidllch. It scenns that the two (new each othor In the old country, and hat Waidlicli hal called and asked to tay all night, which Widman refused and drove Iiim out of the yard. Waidicli Uien turned upon Widmann with a cnife and stabbed hini. He is now In ail awuiting the resul t of bis victim's iliuries. Jacob Jedele, of Scio township, died ["nesday of last week, in the OOth year of ii i age. He carne to this county 52 yeara ago, when but 8 years of age, and with lis parents settled on the farm where he lied. The funeral services were held in he Scio Lutheran chiirch, Thursday, md were attended by a very large concourse of frieuds. He was oneofthe nost hisrhly respected (Jernvin cltizens in of the county. The members of Welch Post G. A. R. of Ann Arbor, desire to express to their riends tbeir heartv thanks for the generOU8 a8sistance so cheerfuly rendered, by which they have been enabled to furnish, and renderattractivetln;ir new hall.Southeast corner of Main and Washington sts. , hird floor, that their friends may sce for hemselves what bas been done, and how comfortable the Post is now located. Velch Post will have open doors, and ïold an informal reoeption at the above ïamed place, over the store of Joe T. acobs & Co., on Friday, March 2d, froin Jto i. and trom 7 to 9 p. m-, at which imes every one, ladies and gentlemen, vill be cordinlly welcome. By requcst of Welch Post, No. 137, Dept. of Mlch. G. A. R. The cliurch door women beggars that ppeared at some of our churches last Sunday with babes In their arms, asking alms, werd found to be a gang of proessionals. There were three wouien nd the same number of men in the nrty, and thcy geemed to be quite uceasful in flnding people foolisb enough o give thcm. At one place one of the women gatliered In nbout $3 from the ïousehold and roomers thereiu. It is harity tbrown away to give to these begars. They are dead-beats and thieves in early overy liiitance. If there are deervinif poor who need assistance there re legitímate ways of procuring eueli sslstance. No one need bei; or starve in his city as no one deserving of aid has een or wlll be refused it. It is a notble fact that the people who are destitute are the last ones who wlll go about seekiijf alms. They ure often too dlffident or too proud to let their wants beknown, and their necessities have to be sought by '.haritable people. We have several adíes enjfagüd in this most oommendable work, who are iintiriug christiaiis und noble, self-saciiticing souls. Ifour citi,ens could find it in their hearls to send he street befTjiurs from their doors they would be dolna un act of practical Rood ensc, lor In living to siich people they are simply placing a premium on muudicacy.