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Below is a table showing the vote on proliibition in Washtenaw county, wlth totals and majorities. W. J. Acker, living over the postofflce, 9 the happiest man in town. Cause, the arriyal of a ten pound girl on Feb. 27ih. Ir. Mead, of Dtindee, reports rnother ind baby doing wcll. Last Saturday was tho47th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Morris 'ack, of the third w:ird, aud their relaves and friends gave thcm a surprise in he evening. There were a numbcr of ine presentsand a general good time. A fishing party cousisting of A. J. Sawyer, J. E. Sumner, Peter Cook of Jrania, and Dr. Armstrong of Chelsea eturned yesterday from Lake George on he upper T. A. A. & N. M. road. They iad 500 minnows, ought weathcr, lots of un and some fish. Ia thrcc prccincts of tUis cily the reurn blank whlch was to have been sent o the city clcrk was placed in the box and sealed up with the ballots, and if the lerk goes into that box after them he is able to be sent to state's prlson. Elecion returns that can't be got at are not yery valuable. E. C. Warner, secretary, sends ns the ollowing names of teachers licensed at he examination held in Aun Arbor, on Feb. 17th: Stella Tate, Mabel E. Wallace, illllle Tremper, Nellie M. Horner, Josehine Hoppe, Cora M. Qorton, Maggie )oll, Arthur L. Boyden, Ilenry Wilson, lary Hoppe, Anna B. Wiles, Muy Calinbucli, May A. Dnschner, Anna L. Green, Delia Norbet, Lillle M. Beam. Saturday wlll be the opening day for be celebrated Dunlap hut, at A. L. ïoble's.


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