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Remember the chamber concert at tlie law lecture hall next Friday. The Naiad Queen is drawiug big crowds at the opera house, and is a good entertainment. sj Miss Maddern will not appear here agaiti very soon probably, as she expccts to go to Kurope next season and capture the old world including the Prince of Wales. x'Uncle Tom's Cabln drew two full Iioiihc-m Saturday p. m. and evening. Uncle Toni never falla to draw. Althoufh this play is a chestnut, it is one of the gweet kind whose fluvor lingers long after bciiiji masticated. If tliere ia anything that is right down pleasing ( ?) to a person at an entertainment, it is to get seated in front of some fellow who has a bng full of peanuts and sets and "craunches" them duiïng the play. Homewhat hnggish, but then, it ia plcasant (?) Miss Maddern's present season hu been one continnal tour of suecess, both tinancially nnl sooially. Diiring her engfcgement in Hrooklyn the Lincoln Club eutertained her at their beautiful club rooms on l'atnam avenue. At Philadelphia she was the recipiënt of a graüd reception held on the stage of the VValnut st. Theatre after the performance, at which Gov. Koby, of Maine, and Gov.elect I.uce, of Michigan, were present, and complimentcd her as the future successful actress of America. At Washington the Light Infiintry attended in a body and showered the young actress wlth floral tributes and compüments, In fact the present season of Miss Maddurn is verifying the predlctions of many critici, who have long said that the etage must have new methods and stars, those who have been prominent so long are {jettioji tlresome. In Miss Maddern'g success they see the reward of new methods that entertain the present question. CnAMBER CONCERT. The program of the next conccr, Friday the 2nd will be one of the moit varied and interesting. C. V. Hlocum, t'ie popular tenor of Detroit, has been se:ured to furniBh the vocal part. The owing is a sketch of the program : Beeiioven, quartet; adagio oud Jlnule f rom [aydon, ([uartet; Duo for violin and lola by vieux temps; "Music of the pheres," by Kubenstein ; Conzonetto by Lendeíssohn. These wil) be glven by ie PhilUarmonic club Mr. Slocum will ng songs by Mendelsohn, Brahms, Juck or Uolin. Don't forget that tbe oncert is to be in the Law Itcture Hoorn, nstead of Hobiirt Hall, on account of the enten season. MISS HADDEEN COMINO. To the delight of all that charming and nanimously admired favorite Minnie taddern is announced to appear at the Grand Opera House on next Tuesday vening the Ctb. She wlll present Tayor's "Caprice" a play in which she Ims ecome famousandaehlered two separate nd distinct runs in New York. Her ompany is everywhere acknowledged as ie best traveling, and the star herself is ndoubtedly one of Ann Arbora's most liffbly admired actresses, and never fails o pack the house to its utmost. In tliis lay critics pronounce her as having an poortunity for full play of her many eculiaritles as will be eeen by a recent iomment of the "Boston Journal." "A uil house greeted her, laughed with her - )Ut several crled with her - and gloried in ïer. Are these phrases Btrong? Ye?, ither, but they are strielly true. Miss taddorn has no well defined pogition in ilstronic art. She is neither soubrette, omedienne, nor protean artist purely, ut is a happy blending of all three and ery elever. She is polite, graceful, uick in word and action, and exceedigly attractive In dialogue and stage business. She appeared in 'Caprice." This play is the story of an ignorant country glrl, with wliom a rich young man falls in love.and manies, despite the warnlnga and protests of his relativesand frieuds, who afterwards casts lilm ofl. His dream of love in a cottage is brightly fullilled at first, but the constant solecisms of his "rough diamond" pall upon liim at last, and lic grows petulent and regretful. His girl-wife overhears him uil a friend that he is weary of such a lile. The child's anguish may be imafiincd. Shu leaves home, goesto school, riiniins eight years, emerges a polished wem-m, and in the usual way is reunlted to her hushand. As the country girl, as the child-wife ?triving hard to learn, and as thecultivated lady, Miss Maddern took her audience by storm. She falrly won the praiaei heaped upon her and graceful ly woie them." Thn Stur Clothlng House has the exclusive sale of Dunlap hats in town, which opona Saturday.


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