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He Hit Jem Mace In The Eye

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It was after Mace and Allen liail nnished their fainous battle in the ring near New Orleans. I was a frrea: admirer of Mace. One night In a jolly couapany of bright ft-llows, bis powers of stroke and defense were beine discussed, when some one remarked: "No tnan in the world can bit Jem Maw in the eye." "I thouglit differently, and undcr the influence of the hour, coneluded that 1 was the one man who could close the cliainplon's optie. I offered to wager a fair atnount that I would that very nijrht accomplisli the dangerous task. The bet was taken, and we sailed forth to flnd the subject. Mace was at that moment sitting in one of the swell restaurants of the Crescent City, In conversation with some friends. I went in and asked hira to join me in a glas of wine. He readily assented, and uil of us stepped up to the bar. The wlne was pon red out, and wy stood Iliere chatting. when, watchin)r mh opportunity, I let tiy, and landed wite my rlght square on Jem's eye." "What became of you?" asked three or four gentlemen, who had listened to the details of the story. "Well, I don'texactly know. I midertood from my fiïends afterward that they found a scalp of red hair here, a boot heel there, an arm In the corner, a leg on the sideboard, and a bolyunder the stove. They gathered the fraKinents ii p with a shovel, carried them over to my rooms and summonetl some of the best medical talent in the city. Piece by piece I was put together, but it was some six weeks before I whs able to oomprehend the situation. When I did, both my legs were packed in sawdust, my two arms were raised toward the ceiling with pulleys, and an oíd negro was feeding mechicken broth with a spoon. 'Vou won the mouey,' faid a friend who bad just come in to me, 'and you will flnd it to your order in the St. Charles hotel safe.' "


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