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A Strange Item

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We sometimes hear a newspaper item called "strange," f it happens to relate sonie unusnally stiirtMn ; incident. It is tlie news whlch itconveys, t hut is strange, and not the item ilself. The fnllowlng Information is neither startliiig nor airante, and yet It will be read by musical people with as mucli interest as if it were more thrillintr. Amonjf the netv musical publicatioii8 of the month, are the followiiijf : " Assyrian Monarch Mnrch,"by Smith, piano, (50cts.); "Fire and Fíame Galop," plano by Gobbaerts, (40 ets.;; "Valse," Chopin', piano, (40 ets.), and "Hondo," by Mendelssohn. (00 ets.), as played by the wonderful child pianist, Josef Hofmnnn. And tlien come these cholee vocal pieces: "A Bailad of DreamUnd," by J. H. W., (30 ets.); "L.ast Wishes,,' song by Gounod, (40 ets.); "Ask if I Love Thee," a choice song by Marión, (40 ets); "God Guard Thee," a Love," a quurtet'for umie volees, by Nevln, (20 ets.); "Starry Heaven a duet, by Pinsuti, (50 ets.); and a "Caprice1' for the Guitar, by Foster, (25 ets.). Any of these new pieces sent to any address on receipt of price, by the publishers, Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston, Mass.


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