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s PAINT ¦"" l'.'.int IrH.iy, run It toChurch Suml.iy. Xight = =2 C I-., sim. ii., Lic Shades: BUck, Muoon. VeniiiBon '? "" Blue, Yclk.w, olive Lake. Hrewster nd Wjeon i! 3Í 3 i.r. .i,-.. Na VamllMnc necentry. Drir. h.rd u?i ww 1. lih m"biDc." OU C.kit ad job 1 done. ï 'Jk L YOUR BUCGY ffi fc Tip top for Chairs, Lawn Si-art, Sash, Flowrr - m UJ'ots, Baby Caniagn, Cwtaln Coks, Furniture. L Q loors, Storc-fronts, Screen Itoors. Boats, .a ¦¦g M. ..!¦%, Iron Irnus, in ij„t verythlntf. Jint ffV ; tlie thfng for the ladics to use about the houtc ':S . fe FOR ONE DOLLAR !Ü COITSHONEST JQ Are 'ou Kni"S to Paint this year! If so. don't S a. luiy a paint contaimng water or benzine when 23 L t ir the s-uite moncy {or nearly so) youcn procure _ r (OliJt (U'S l'LKK VKlt ís wrrBlfd to ü ïï c3 ¦¦" beau H0K1 si, (.km IK IlsKkU-Ull. FAIT " 3 3 i 3 ind free frotn water and benzine. Urmnd ihU i„ J ] O brand anti tnbo uo ollipr. Mcrchants hanrtlniK" 5 t are our agents and authorizcd by u In writn, H - 3 to Ktrnint U (o wrxr 5 U.lKi Hl, I ( ÜA1H mr L 3 ' fJ YK4IIS lih 2 (HUTS. Our Shadet are the = S"2 f j 1 at est Stylés used In the East now brccuniiig eT 1 UU M populaz in tlie West, and up with the limes -o ï , JM Try thh brand of PAIXT and you will E J3 " nevcr rejfret it. This to the wise Is sufTicient (j o HOUSE PAINT tí ; Í COIT'S FLOOR PAINTË=! Paint that nevcr dried bevond the stick y point. 3C v w.istc .l week, the fob. and tlun swearT r ( 2 Ncxt tilllc c lU )r niiT 10h 'IK I'AI.M ÍSÍ C 4 [opuUraml miuble h.ides, warraalrd to 4r_i Ln t m hnrd M rvck r blyku No trouble NÚ L- , c ;:aaWONTDRYSTICKYÍ - _ c ARBUCKLES' A name on a paokage of COFFEE Is a u guarantee of excellenceARIOSA COFTEE is kept in all flrst-class stores from the Atlantic to the Pacific. COFFEE is never good ¦when exposed to the air. Always buy this brand in hermetically - sealed ONE POUND PACKAGES. ft ¦¦¦¦ n llrwardnl are tliuse wlio rrsil p U 'UI VtliiH and tlien act; they wlll flnd t. iUWuN I honarable eraployment that will m not take th.-m from their hontes DI and families. The prollu are large and Hiue , for every lndustrlous person, maiiy have cr made and are now making several bondred dollar a inonth. It Is easy for any one to miike $5 and upwards per day, who Is wllllnic towork. Rither sex, young or oíd ; capital !: not needed ; we start you. Everything new "" No special abllity reqnlred, you, reader, can do It as well as any oue. Wrlte to us at once iu for full particular, whlch we mail free. A1dress Stlnson & Co.. Portland, Malne. DR. MILES' RESTORATIVE NERVINB jj MM fel contains no Opium or dan. . 9 L-erous drug. Can be takcu nftpH I'Y any one t any timei ni - ulT The ialr.Ht mul brM 11,. f, ,, JkMB !¦ overi fur HEID AC HE. hi ë? Wf Ma KRTOrSNESS, SJ-Asms en X 'M L4ffi9 SI.KKl'LKSSNESS. FIT yo ¦HHUEBi KKXIAI. WKAKNKSH, urn Ca ÜWmnW XEBVOtS D1SEA8E8. th old by Drugqists. Sample Botllw Fn p Set yoiir Printinc at tte Conrier. 1


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