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Our Minister's Sermon

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The minister raid last nlglit, said lie, ' Dou't be afrald ofglvln'. If your Ufe atu't worth notliln' toother folk, Why, wliat'n the use of Hvln'T" And tlint's wlmt I kiivs to my wlfo. aays I, '¦There's Brown, the mlser ble slnner, He'd Hooner a beggar would starre thau give A cent toward buyln' a d I n hit." I teil jou uur minister Is prime, he Is, Hut I coudn't quite determine, When I heurd hlmaglven' it rlght and left, Just wIki was hit by hls sermón. Of cimrse there couldn't be no mtstako When he talked of long-wlnded prayln', 1 "i Peters and Johnson they sot aad scowled At every wurd he was saylng'. And the minister he went on tosay, "There's varlous kinds of cheatln', And rellglon's as good for every day As lt is to iiriiiK i meeiln'. I don't i hink much of the man that glves The 1 ud amen al preachln' And spenda hls time the followln' week In uhealln' and overreacblu'. I guess that dose was bitter enough For a man Uke Jone to swallow. But I notioed that hedldn'topen hls raouth Hut once after that to holler. "Hurrar,,'satd I for the minister"- Of course I said lt qulet- "Olve us some more of thls open talk, It's very refresbln' dlet." The minister hit 'em every time, And wtien he spoke of fashlon, And rlnglug's out in bows and thlngs As woman's ruling passion. And coming to church to see the stylet, 1 couldn'l help a wlnfcln' And a nudvln' my wlfe, and says I, "That'a yon." And I guess lt sot her thlnkln'. Says 1 to rnyself, "That sermon's pat, But man's a qaeer creatlon, And l'm much afrald that most of the folks Won'l take the appllnatlon." Now, il he had said a word about My personal mode of slnnln', I il gone to wurk to ritht myself, And not set Hiere a grinulu'. .! nsi ttu'ii the minister, says he, 'And now I've come to the fellers Wlio'veloHt thl8 ehower by usin' thelr frlends Asasort o' moral nmbrella; G home," 8y8 he, "and tind yoor faulU, Insteud of hunltu' your brotliers.' Uo home." say he, "and wear the coats You tried to fit for others." My wlfeRhe uudged. and Rrown lie wluked, And there was lols o' smllin', And lotR o' look Ing at our pew, It sin my blood to bllln ; Snvs I to myself, "üur minister Is uit ti n' a little bitter. I'll teil 1 1 1 m when the Uu's out that I Am not that kind of crltler."


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