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Cleveland's Letter

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The followlng is taken from President Cleveland's letter of MCepUnce, dated Aug. 1884. Has the obJef executive espertenoed a chnnge of heart since thcu. or will he be a candidate jut to iplta Mr. Hill: When an eleclion to offlce .-hall bc t Ik selcction by the vo'ers, of one of their ninnber to nssume for a time a pabilo trust, instead ot nis dedieation tn the profession of politics, when the holden ot the ballot, qnickeneil by a eeiise of duty, shall avenge truth betrnyed and piedles brokei), and wben the suffruge ghull be altogether tree and uncorrupted, the full realization of a governmentby the people will be at hand. And of the ineans to end, not one woukl, in niy Judgment, l.c more tffcctive than an aiueudmeiit to the constitntion disqualifying the president from re-election. When we consider the patronage ot thi9great offlce, tlie allurementsof power, the temptatlon to retal n public place once Jtalned, and more than all, Uie aviiilability a party linds in an Incnuibent when a horde of offlce bolden with a zeal hora of benetits received and fosten-d by the hope of favor yet to come, stand ready to aid with money and trained ])olitioal service, we recoguize in the elijtibility of the president tor re election a mout serious danjier to tht calm, delibérate and Intelligent poHüeal actlon wliieh must charicterie a gover nujeut by the people.


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