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Washington A Protectionist

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Since tlie cclebration of Wasbington's birtfiday by tbe republicana, and their showinu; thftt he favorel protection, tliere has been i genera] democratie klok. But proofs on tliat point are plenty, for instance, the second uct of the Htst Conrress was sinnetl by Washington a president, aml its preamble read : WhkhkaS, It is necessary for the support of goveriimeut, for tlie discharge of the debts ot tlie Lnited States, aud for the enoouragement and protectlon of manufacturers, duties be lail on goods, wares ana mercliandise Imported. In bis farewell address be makes somc observutiona which are now apt coneernIng the element in our country wlio think everything that England does is just right, and now want to help her force her free trade ideas upon us to build up her manufacturer?. He puys : "So, likewise, a passionate attachnient of one nation for anotlu-r produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorita natlon, facilitating tlie Illuston ot an imaginary common Interest in wbere no real common interest exists, and infusini; into one the enmities of the other, betrays the formor into a partidpation in the quarrels and the wars of the lattcr without adequate Itiduoementa or justification. It lead, also, to concessions to the favorite nation of privileges Ut'nied to others, whlch are apt doubly to Injnre the nation maklDR the OOnceMloni, by unnecssarily p .irting: with what oilfjbt to have been retained, and by exciting jealously, ill-will, and a disposition to retalíate, in the partics frotn w hom equal privileges are witheid; and it gitie to ambitioué, corrupt, or dehided Citizen, rolw devote themsdn: In tin: i'.imr ite nut un, ffirility tu betray ov tactrifiot the interent of their own country without odium, sometimeti cm with pojndarily, irilli lu a,[, i ra un x nf u tirtii ¦¦¦ oUigation to a comme ndable tUfweact fot public opinión, or a laudable zeal for public good,the bat or foolM eompliancdi of ambition, corruption, or iitfiüinition. As avenues to foreign 'iiilluence In innumerable uuys, such attachmenta are partlcularly alarmlng t the trui; enii;htened and Indedendent patriot. How many opportunities do they iffbrd to taniper with doruestic faotiont, to praotice the arts of sednotion, to tulülead pulílic opinión, to Influence r awe the public councils! Sucli an Ëttachment of a imall or weak nation ton arel a grcat and poweifu] one, doonii the foriner to be the satellite of the lattcr. Againtt the insidiOU wilts offoreiqn injlnencc, I conjure you to believe me, ftUow-citizens, thejeatorujf of (tfnêptoplt ought to be eonttantly ai hiëtory and experience prevé llmt f'irci'ju influence i one uf ' llnx m fot of r&publiean gowmment, But that jealously, to be oseful, nutl lc Impartí I, else it becomes the iiiRtrunicntof the vciy inllueui'e to be avoided, iustead of a deii dm agalnst. Exceesive partlality Ibr one foreign natlou, tnd exctfilve dfsllke tor unotlier, cause those wlimn Ihcy actúate to see danger only on eme sido, and serve to veil and even second the :t ris ot ïnfluence on tlie other, Real patriota, who may resist the intrigues ot the favorite, are llabto to beoome ratpected and odious, wbile its tools and dupes usurp tlie appl.iu-c and eonfldenoe ot the peoIle to surrender their interestf. The fireul mie of eonduct fur tu u regará to fortign nationt ft, in extending our riiiiiiiurntil nliitionn, to hnci' itith tin ui at liltle political connection as poxxible. 8ofar at va JkOM niiv.iiiy inruii, l mfagtmmtt, Ut them he. fuijilleil with perfeit goo&faith. Ji n let us stop. The AxgOI thlukl "the Scnate is a part of COBgren." What folly, when the House and the President are democratie. The democratie party is tlie froveinmcnt to-day. It is re.ponsible for all the policie pursued, and all the deeds done, and the usual shift of democratie editors to lay the blaine of all fallare and mistakes upon the seoate is too thin. Their party will have to stand up to the nok and ass.une the responsibilities that belong to it.


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