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(ii.iciuiis! liow tlie G;ile plow works ni e worklDt; around State. Hul Albiou will turn the prize furrow, when all other placrs are through. Adrián proposes to go to work at lts well irniii when spring comes. It niiist have more gas, the Press being unable to supply the enormooi demand. Del rolt built seven new school houses ast year Ht a cost of $56,000, and needs eight more. It cost that city soniething over ;J22,0OO last year to run her schools. A scheme lias been watched to erect a monster bridge tobe suspended between New York and Jersey City, beside which the Brookiyn bridge would be a mere lo.v. The next state pi-ess convention íf to be liekl at Detroit on the last three dnys in May, 29th, 30th and 3lst. Qood dates, and yon can Imagine that there will be a reniTal good time. Sc rotary of State, Osmun, will not acrept a rennmiiiatlnn for a grcond term. lic hu hnd t'iiuugli of office. And let us add that the place has never liad a more competent or courteous occupant. - Gratiot Journal. The VanderbiHs don't want Chauncey M. Dcpew to become a candidato for president, and so have raised his salnry as president of thelr system of railroiids trom $50,000 per year, way up to no one know where. The República!) party can 8iy lo renard to the local option laws as diU the renowned law-gkver of Athens, Solón, whowas Mked: "Whether he had proviiU'ti the beet of lawsforthe Athenlans!" Ho iinswered, "The best they are oapable of reieiving." It is ruinored tliat asyndicate of Michigan democratie millionaire?, with Well inctou 1{. Buit, and Spencer 11. Fisher at the head, have gone over to Canada and boujdd lip a tmet of 300,000 acres of CanadTan piue lands, on the promlsc of thc pásense ol a bilí by congres pntling lumbor on the free list. Wilde Uie country is watching the eontest between the C. B. & Q. comuany and and ils enjrineers, it is well enough to remember that the Brotherhood of Locomotlve Kngiueers was bom in Jlichigan, and that Mr. Fred Avory, now the model conductor of the Lake Shore road, aslUted tu ils birth. - Adrián Times. The Argüí thlnka t mlght be well lo ask nmottg others the editor of this paper hou to ííain republican votes. It is un easy quesüon to aniwer: Just let the Arus editor loóse every week in li is columns like unto the last issue. Some way tlie uíuiiI cautious 'iiilluence" was withili-awn, and he ratllcd away at everytliinr. " I-INever in the history oí tliis natioii has it prospered except uutler a proteclive tarill", and never will it proser without atarifl'until men ot nll natioiis become brothera and philanthropists. Wlien trude scurriedon between nations merely tor brothcrly affection, and imt as at present for gain, then free trade will bc lii-silile for América, but Hot until tlien. Chas. A. Dana, of tbc New York Sun says t li ut Gov. Uill will bc at the 81. Louis ooflVention and that he will have the New York delegattan at bis hack. The democratie party, it seenis, proposes to take Mr. Cleveland at his word: Thai no man suould be president more than one term. Mr. Cleveland said it, and siild he meant it when he said It. Now will he reinain true to his woril, or was it simpiy a bid to be renomlnnted f The editor of tho Arius tries to be fiMMtloui in li is last issue by propocfng the ñames of two or three of our reputible cilizuns for the republieati presidenti:il noinination. It is perhaps u nuecessary to state tb it there are several demoerats in our city who are tlie superior in ability, shrewdness and cunnln;, of the present chief executive of the nation, and among tlie latter - the cunninjr fellows - is the autbor of the item referred to above. The .-I u 1 1 n 1 service Htatlons at Macklnac and Encanaba have been ordered wlped out because there wasn't money enough on band to support them.- üally Paper Telegram. And millions upon millions of money in the tieasury tliat the government does notknowwhat to do with ! Isn't such pan-imony contemptible ? Bilt tliat is tlie hobby of the Cleveland adminislration. "Save at the spiggot and waste at the bang." Cut off the supply for nelics uid pile up the surplus. Tliat is true democratie economy. The Argus man is so contraeted In hls visión tliat he c;innot conceive why a penoD sliould favor the right of the peop!e to vote upon a questiou, and still not fuvor the question to be voted upon. In a lepublleau form of goverument the people rule, and when any considerable number of tliem desire to express their Miitiment npm a public qiiellon at the poll9. any fair-minded man sbould be in livor of grantins them that privilefre. It is oi ly tlie uarrow-contracied and illlibcral who would deay tliis riglit. The Argua in;in sbould stuily up the word "democrat" and see vhat it means. If the Interstate Commerce Commission sbould do no othcr good than In their recent declalon against the Standard Oil Co. it would for tint alone have beeu wortb the time and mouey spent by it. BltbertO that great leech, the Standard Üil Co., bas throttled all competition by renching out to the railroads and compeliií; lliein to carry their oil at a lower rale tikten lor tb' ir cnmpetitora Mr. Georga Rtee trled in vain to et as low rates bul vu refused by sonie ten dillrent l'oadj. Tbrsr tic ( ntered complaiut Rgainit bef ore the Commisfion who apon Lnvwtlgatlon have fotiuü them viola ti Dg the law by giving those special rales. Bo llay are ordered to cense their unjust dUcrlmiliation, and hereafter oompetitors with Wie Standard Oil Co. will have a better chance to live and compete. The republlcan Tnajorlty In tho upper penliiRuin.elevenlh roukrexslonal district turn om to huve boen dH, and thU In splte of tne fact that xeveral lulue owners coiupolled all tbeir employees to vote the republlcrtn ticket orlvu up ilielr employment!- Aru8. Our contumporary cries " tire!" to cali atl ention awav froiu its own party's conUinptible iilteinpt to debaiich the voters it tlu1 upper península. There was not an employé in the upper península thnt was deprived of bis right to vote as he pleued by bis republican einployer and tlie writer of the above knows it. Bul how about the democratie employers? And how about the democratie office holdere wbo went up there with $100,000 in their pockets to biiy up the votes of the laboring men? Will the Arjius please gve us a chapteron "Collector Maloney, Civil Service Reform, and the f 100,000 spent by democrati in the llth district?"


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